Our employees

In all our activities we are guided by the Simple, Personal Fair values which encapsulate the Group's operating philosophy, including our decision-making principles.

Corporate Culture

Our organisational culture is founded on the following values:

  • Simple

  • Personal

  • Fair

The key values and principles of conduct that guide our business are outlined in the following documents:

  • General Code of Conduct,
  • Code of Conduct for Securities Markets,
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy,
  • Anti-corruption Programme,
  • Conflict of Interest Policy,
  • Sustainability Policy.
More information about our organisational culture can be found in the 2020 ESG Report.

Employment and diversity

Santander Bank Polska employs 10 671 persons*:

  • 7 450


  • 3 221


* Number of persons employed under a contract of employment with the bank, both full-time and part-time, as at 31 December, 2020.

The rate of women among top management in the bank is 11.11% and among the bank’s senior management 50%.

Santander Bank Polska’s employment between 2018 and 2020 (number of persons with employment contracts)

Detailed data on employment in the Santander Bank Polska Group and in Santander Bank Polska S.A. can be found in ESG 2020 Report.

Our approach to diversity

Since 2017, we have been among the signatories of the Diversity Charter. We create an organisational culture based on respect for diversity and develop policies and mechanisms that effectively support equal treatment and diversity management in the workplace. We comply with legislation on diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. We apply good practices that promote diversity and treat employees and other stakeholders equally, regardless of gender, age, education, health, race, religion, nationality, political opinion, union membership, ethnic origin, family status or sexual orientation.

Key policies

  • General Code of Conduct,
  • Respect and Dignity Policy,
  • Sustainability Policy,
  • Human Rights Policy,
  • Commitments of the bank as a signatory to the Diversity Charter,
  • Corporate Culture Policy of the Santander Bank Polska Group.

More information about the bank’s and the Group’s efforts to promote diversity can be found in 2020 ESG Report.


Our goal is to attract and retain the best qualified employees in the financial sector with an adequate total benefits package that is competitive in the market. We ensure equal employment treatment and equal development opportunities for men and women. We continuously monitor and implement changes to our approach to equal pay. We monitor the gender pay gap using the EPG (Equal Pay Gap) and GPG (Gender Pay Gap) indicators.

Key anti-discrimination policies and rules in force in the bank:

  • Human Rights Policy,
  • Respect and Dignity Policy,
  • Remuneration Policy of Santander Bank Polska Group.

In 2020, the Santander Bank Polska Group did not record any confirmed case of human rights violations in the workplace through harassment and/or discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, religion, belief or any other employee characteristics.

Equal Pay Gap

The Equal Pay Gap in 2020 was 2.56%.

We are building a fair remuneration structure and aim to close the wage gap by 2025.

Ratio of basic salary of female vs. male employees
Warsaw Senior management 78.64%
Middle management 80.41%
Other employees 68.58%
Agglomerations Senior management 92.47%
Middle management 90.20%
Other employees 75.74%
Large cities Senior management 120.00%
Middle management 86.02%
Other employees 77.66%
Other Senior management
Middle management 89.90%
Other employees 82.96%

A detailed description of the bank’s anti-discrimination commitments and activities can be found in the 2020 ESG Report.

Employment terms

Employee development

We focus on the comprehensive development of employees' competencies and skills. The bank's objectives in this area are set out in the "Training Policy".

In 2020, we offered training to employees in remote formats due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We supported the development of various employee groups.

  • 28.54 h

    average number of training hours per employee in 2020

Average number of training hours per employee 28.54
Female 31.82
Male 21.65
Senior management 13.04
Middle 17.25
Other employees 29.26

Selected training and managerial skills development programs implemented in 2020 are presented in the 2020 ESG Report.

We regularly conduct annual performance appraisals and career reviews of our employees.

  • 86 %

    Percentage of employees who underwent an annual performance evaluation and career review in 2020. In this group, 83% were female employees and 92% male employees.

Workplace safety

Our priority is to provide all employees with a safe and comfortable workplace. We continuously monitor regulations and guidelines related to occupational health and safety and adapt workplaces to the requirements set out in Polish and European legislation. In dialogue with employee representatives, we organise meetings of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and cooperate with Social Labour Inspectors.

Out of concern for employee safety and to ensure the bank’s full operability, a natural priority last year was to very quickly adapt existing procedures and implement new workplace rules related to the emergence of the COVID-19 epidemiological threat. Find out more about our activities in 2020 ESG Report.

As a result of the transition to remote working, the number of work-related accidents in 2020 fell by 50% and the number of days of incapacity went down by 74%.