10 years of the Santander Universidades Programme in Poland

Santander Universidades is celebrating 25 years of supporting higher education worldwide and 10 years of operating in Poland. To date, the programme has provided support to 630,000 students, graduates, academics and young entrepreneurs and has signed cooperation agreements with over 1,000 universities and academic institutions in 11 countries. On the occasion of the anniversary of the commencement of operations in Poland, Santander Universidades will offer 3,000 new development scholarships.

Santander Universidades activities in Poland started in 2011. Since then, 59 Polish universities have joined the programme, 12 relational centres have been opened, while thousands of students, graduates and university staff have received support in competence development. The Santander Universidades programme has been repeatedly awarded and appreciated by the academic community in Poland.

Cooperation with Polish universities is an ongoing dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experience. The academic voice is a key aspect for us in shaping the Santander Universidades programme. We adapt our support to the real needs and challenges faced by higher education and graduates leaving academia. Our common goal is to prepare young people to enter the labour market so that their competences best match the demands of employers

Wojciech Leśniewski

Director of Santander Universidades in Poland

To celebrate the anniversary of Santander Universidades, a report was prepared describing the activities of the programme in Poland. The full text of the report is available at www.santander.pl/10lat

Three thousand new scholarships

The Santander Group is launching a call for new programmes for students, graduates, startups and small businesses to celebrate together the 25th anniversary of the Santander Universidades programme worldwide. The new scholarship programmes with the theme #NeverStopLearning are:

  • 1,600 scholarships

    under the Santander Scholarship | Digital Business programme by the University of Chicago, which supports the development of managerial skills

  • 400 scholarships

    under the Santander Tech Scholarship | Emerging Technologies Program by MIT Professional Education, offering the development of the technological competencies most in demand by employers

  • 1,000 scholarships

    under the Santander Languages | English to Boost Your Career Scholarship - University of Pennsylvania - a language programme offering development of industry-specific language skills and specialist English.

Details of the scholarship programmes can be found at www.becas-santander.com/pl