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  • Development
    & responsibility

    The way we approach the challenges facing the world today is, in our view, the most relevant measure of an organization’s responsibility.

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    & responsibility

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  • IR service

    We combine care for the environment, communities and management with effective shareholder value creation and building positive relations with the capital market.
  • ESG 2020 Report

    For years, we have maintained our leading position among Polish reporting companies

ESG results

Our vision of responsible banking is based on ESG indicators. They are also part of the evaluation process of Santander Bank Polska products and services.

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ESG results
  • 10,671
    persons employed in the Bank
  • 5,215
    clients of Santander Bank Polska S.A.
  • 1,377
    suppliers verified against CSR and environmental requirements
  • 28.54
    average number of training hours per employee
    • 29,917
      total energy consumption
    • 4,394.99
      CO2 emissions resulting from electricity purchased for the Bank (scope 2)
    • 2,031.82
      CO2 emissions from heat generation (scope 1)
    • 100
      purchased electricity comes from renewable sources
      • 738.4
        PLN million
      • 0
        number of confirmed cases of corruption in the Bank and the Capital Group
      • 100
        employees are familiar with anti-corruption policies and procedures
      • 97.5
        percentage of employees who have received anti-corruption training