Santander Orchestra

Santander Bank Polska’s original project aimed at the most talented young musicians, students and graduates of music schools, is intended to support their career development. Santander Orchestra is first and foremost an educational project, combining musical practice at the highest level with a range of additional courses usually unavailable in traditional curricula. Therefore, in recent years, in addition to classes with world-renowned musicians, we have offered participants theoretical lectures on copyright law, financial management, body biomechanics, music psychology, image building and career development.

The unveiling of the Santander Orchestra project in 2020 was unique. Although the concert halls closed to the public, the project continued in online channels. This edition resulted in two music videos and an online concert featuring Santander Orchestra musicians:

The combination of the symphonic sound of the orchestra with the dynamics of the big band resulted in a unique piece. Together with Polish singer Anna Szarmach and her band, the young musicians performed a medley of three iconic hits by Zbigniew Wodecki – the legend of Polish popular music. The video was recorded during mobile outdoor concerts, played on a barge and on the roof of a double decker tour bus in various parts of Warsaw. Within two weeks from its premiere the video was played over 375,000 times. It reached 306,000 unique users. Together with Facebook users, the video clip has already had over 500,000 viewings.


It was a musical Christmas surprise for Santander Bank Polska customers – and not only. In cooperation with the Film and Jazz Music Foundation, the Christmas carol „Hey, on Christmas Day” was recorded in a jazz arrangement. The recording was viewed by more than 57,000 people.

Musicians from the Santander Orchestra also performed together with the Tomasz Szymuś Orchestra during the September online concert „Good To Have You” as part of the  virtual edition of Wodecki Twist Festival 2020, organised every year as a tribute to the artistic output of Zbigniew Wodecki. Santander Bank Polska was a partner of this event. The recording of the festival was viewed almost 220,000 times.


Santander OrchestraAcademy

The 2020 Santander Orchestra Academy included two main activities carried out exclusively online. This made it possible to reach a larger audience.

A series of video tutorials from physiotherapists broadcast from May to August 2020 on Santander Orchestra's Facebook page

Physiotherapists from the Warsaw Fizjoklinika conducted 15 online meetings during which they discussed the theory of body biomechanics and showed examples of exercises to be performed at home. The series was an innovative way of encouraging people to take care of their health at the beginning of the pandemic. It stood out because it was conducted by certified medical specialists. The recordings have already reached an audience of 32,000 people.

The videos are available on SO’s FB page

A series of seven educational podcasts broadcast on the YouTube channel of Santander Bank Polska

The topics of the podcasts were chosen to be of interest not only to representatives of the art industry, but also to the business world. The issues discussed in the podcasts included:

  • the idea of networking (i.e. how to nurture relationships and how to build a network of contacts),
  • advice on how to cope with stress or how to find out if your child has musical talent,
  • copyright law (releasing and protecting works on the internet, copyright clauses in concert agreements, trademark protection),
  • managing the finances of young artists.

By the end of 2020, the podcasts had reached almost 400,000 viewers.

The video recordings are available on SO’s YT channel.

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