Customer online platform

With our customers in mind, we launched a website to provide reliable and up-to-date information and daily reports on the pandemic situation.

The website provided facts and tools arranged in a number of thematic sections:

  • Government information – we gathered in one place information and announcements from government sources on civic affairs, state support and regulations for all areas of life during this difficult period of time.
  • Santander for you – this was a section where we described all the concessions, types of support and government aid offered to our customers.
  • Health – we presented there health advice, promoted physical activity and discussed projects initiated in response to the coronavirus threat situation.
  • How to help –   the section contained a summary of numerous social campaigns and  actions which everyone could join, volunteering projects, support groups on social networks and messages of institutions providing professional help.
  • Find on a map – the tool allowed people to search for medical centres, pharmacies, banks
    and ATMs and grocery shops in a selected location.
  • Home activities – users could find there recipes, fairy tales and content for children, information and cultural highlights. In this section we also presented useful courses, training and other proposals for spending time offered by online sources. We also published scientific articles, news from the world and updates on new technologies, all that with a view to making self-isolation and quarantine easier.
  • The website was maintained until the end of 2020.