Our response to climate challenge

The Santander Group is an important player in the European and global financial market and, as a socially responsible organisation, it implements all the guidelines developed at EU and international forums and wants to be a leader in its commitment to sustainable development.

It is the regulators who set the directions for the transformation of individual sectors, but business itself, including banks, can and should take action to achieve the emission reduction goal.

As one of the largest banks in Poland, we are aware of our role in the transformation of the Polish economy and the importance of our actions, policies and financing for this process.

In line with its responsible banking strategy, Santander Bank Polska wishes to actively participate in the transformation of the Polish energy sector into a low-carbon model. Striving to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement is a very important element for the entire Santander Group. The Net Zero strategy announced in April 2021 and the related discontinuation, from 2030, of financing for energy companies whose revenues from thermal coal production account for more than 10%, is the next and natural step to achieve this goal.

Michał Gajewski,

CEO of Santander Bank Polska S.A.