Santander Bank Polska launched the first series of presentations for young people and seniors on the subject of consumer rights protection

The first lecture marking the opening of the whole series took place on May 29, 2018 at Adam Mickiewicz Highschool no. 8 in Poznań. The lectures are delivered by the employees of the Business Advisory and Product Commercialisation Office of Santander Bank Polska as part of the corporate volunteering activities implemented in partnership with the Santander Bank Polska Foundation.

The subjects covered during the 40-minute presentation included mobile and online banking, secure online payments and using ATMs and CDMs. The lecturers provided a number of valuable, practical tips on how to use a bank account and a payment card safely. The prepared training materials and the presentation formula were both interesting and attractive and the content was adapted to the age of the audience. The real-life examples of safe and unsafe behaviours particularly fuelled the imagination of the young audience. The meeting was an excellent occasion to upgrade their knowledge and ask many question to the experts from the bank.

The ”Secure Banking” program is addressed mainly to high school students and seniors and is intended to raise their awareness of the rules of safe use of banking services. The idea originated in connection with the expansion of the bank’s product range to include products based on new technologies. Although security is our top priority, we should all bear in mind that incompetent use of new technologies may expose unaware consumers to a high risk. Our activities are intended to pro-actively deal with this challenge.