Call for proposals for nationwide grant programme „Hacks for Cyber Attacks” is open

The Santander Foundation has announced the call for submissions to the nationwide grant programme „Hacks for Cyberattacks”. A total of PLN 1,200,000 is available for distribution.

The competition aims to raise awareness of personal finance security:

  • safe banking,

  • being aware of possible threats

  • knowing how to protect oneself against them

The Foundation will select the most interesting projects for financial education activities focusing on the following topics:

  • protection against fraud and scams, (including social engineering, manipulation and how criminals use them), phishing, vishing, fake investments as types of attacks;
  • what to do if you are a victim of financial crime;
  • how to use electronic banking safely;
  • how to safely manage your finances online (including social media and instant messaging).

The submissions are open to non-profit social organisations that have a legal capacity. These are mainly foundations and associations that have been active for minimum 2 years and have experience in educational activities. Proposals cannot be submitted by individuals or business entities.

A total of PLN 1,200,000 is available to finance the 18 most interesting projects:

  • 6

    organizations will receive grants of PLN 100,000 each

  • 12

    organizations will receive grants of PLN 50,000 each.

Projects can be submitted between 16 November and 14 January 2022 via the online application The results of the competition will be announced on 31 January 2022 on the Foundation’s website.