ESG Forum at Santander Bank Polska

In Q3 2021, we established the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Forum, chaired by the CEO, with representatives from all divisions of the bank. This body will strengthen our analysis of key challenges and potential business opportunities related to ESG factors in each area of the bank’s operations.

The ESG Forum is a working group that develops and implements, on an ongoing basis, ESG solutions for the bank in the area of

  • sustainable development and responsible banking

  • corporate culture

ESG factors are not new to us. For several years, Santander Bank Polska has been presenting reports summarising the organisation’s impact on ESG areas. In the face of ongoing climate change and regulatory changes planned for the coming years, we are adapting to new challenges and requirements.

The objective of sustainable and socially responsible development at Santander Bank Polska is to build long-term value for all stakeholders. Our approach to responsible business and sustainable development is defined by our Responsible Banking strategy. It is an integral part of our overall business strategy.