New campaign to promote cybersecurity

A new campaign has been launched by Santander Bank Polska, which promotes the principles of cybersecurity in an unusual way. The „Fairy Tales for Adults” campaign is based on real-life scams that Internet users fell prey to. They were used as the basis for creating fairy tales for adults that should not be believed in!

The authors of the fairy tales are popular writers: Janina Bąk, Wojciech Chmielarz and Jakub Szamałek. Their creative work has been converted into three short videos which tell the story of how a well-crafted fairy tale can lull our vigilance on the Internet and what its consequences can be.

Over the past several months, the lives of the vast majority of us have largely moved to virtual reality. It is there that we more and more often shop, learn, hold business meetings and develop relations with other people. This should be accompanied by an increase in the knowledge of cyber security rules, and studies show that there are still too many people who fall for "fairy tales on the Internet" and as a result lose their life savings, among other things. We are constantly educating our clients on how to prevent cyber attacks and data interception attempts, and this autumn we decided to reinforce the existing message with an educational campaign that will talk about online and phone safety in a hitherto unknown way

Artur Sikora

CMO at Santander Bank Polska

Promotional activities will take place, among others, on the Internet and on the radio. They will be accompanied by social media and content marketing activities, as well as promotion in the bank’s branches.

Follow Agency is responsible for the strategic and creative concept of the „Fairy Tales for Adults” as part of the communication of the Santander brand. Shootme Warsaw production house will produce the spot, Platige Image is in charge of post-production and Follow Agency and Starcom media house will handle media buying.

All three fairy tales can be viewed at: