Santander Bank Polska – a bank that helps

The latest research shows that 77% of consumers expect companies to support them during crises, 73% of respondents believe that they should get involved in solving social and environmental problems*. More and more representatives of the financial sector, including Santander Bank Polska, organize and support initiatives that touch upon important social problems.

A dream to study abroad, the global pandemic or a hospital ward in need of renovation are just a few examples of situations in which Santander Bank Polska actively helps. The bank is committed to supporting areas important to society and local communities through numerous initiatives, not only financial, but also those that require the participation of employee volunteers.

Support for health care

Taking care of health and supporting medics in their everyday work are particularly close to our hearts. Over the past two years, we have all had the opportunity to see that together we can do much more than alone. With this in mind, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic we organised a charity fundraiser among our clients and employees under the slogan "We Will Double Your Impact", in which the bank doubled the amount collected and altogether donated PLN 5 million to hospitals to fight the coronavirus. Following the success of this campaign, we launched another one along the same lines but with a new objective - to support children's psychiatry wards. Each time, our clients show that they have big hearts and can do a lot together

Marzena Atkielska

President of the Santander Foundation

Apart from the „We Will Double Your Impact” campaign, the bank also runs the „Flame Club” aimed at improving conditions in children’s hospitals and orphanages by, among other things, renovating rooms and playrooms.

Self-development and employability

The bank’s commitment to helping customers is not limited to financial support in difficult situations. The Santander Group runs the Santander Universidades programme, which offers numerous national and international scholarships for students, graduates, academics and people who are interested in developing their professional skills. So far, it has been possible to apply for scholarship programs co-organized, among others, by Yale, MIT or the British Council.

Santander Universidades is now recruiting for a new program, in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania. The scholarships are open to individuals who are 18 years of age or older and want to become more fluent in business English. The scholarships are intended for residents of Poland, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States. The online course, available on the UPenn e-learning platform, will include both individual exercises and group activities – discussions, commentaries and Q&A sessions, as well as mentoring from international experts.

English language, is often an essential requirement for getting a job and advancing your career in an environment that is rapidly becoming more digital and international. We believe that improving professional English and obtaining a certificate from a prestigious foreign university will help participants stand out in recruitment processes. We've seen a huge interest in the Santander Universidades Language Scholarships, that is why we're launching another project, to which we invite not only students but anyone who is interested in developing their skills

Wojciech Leśniewski

Director of the Santander Universidades Program in Poland

The five-week course, which will begin in January 2022, will be taught by faculty from the University of Pennsylvania’s English Language Programs. Applications can be submitted through November 23 via