Santander Bank Polska in the report „Responsible Business in Poland 2021. Good practices”

Ten good practices followed by the bank and the Santander Foundation were recognized in this year’s edition of the report „Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices”. 

During the 9th edition of the CSR fair held under the theme Climate – Development – Business,  on 25 May this year, the publication „Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” was presented. The report is the most important publication issued annually by the Responsible Business Forum. It provides a summary of actions taken by companies for sustainable development and offering help and support. In the latest report, ten initiatives implemented by Santander Bank Polska and Santander Bank Polska Foundation were highlighted.

The 10 good practices of Santander Bank Polska, which are presented in the report „Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices” include programs such as „Here I Live, Here I Make ECO Changes”, „We Will Double Your Impact”, „Bank without Barriers”, „The Differently Abled” and „Finansiaki” projects, „Santander Universidades” and „YOUniversity”, „Risk Pro Week” and „Risk Heroes” initiatives as well as activities related to employee welfare and ESG .

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