Santander Bank Polska extends the repayment period of loans for small businesses

We offer our clients from the SME segment to extend the loan repayment term by 6 or 12 months. This is a new facility for those who are still in financial difficulties caused by the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

We know that volatility of revenues is an everyday reality that entrepreneurs face. New installments after the repayment deferral period may turn out to be too much burden. That is why we have introduced solutions that will hopefully help companies through the difficult period

Bogusław Brudło

Director of the SME Loan Restructuring Department.

The bank has prepared two alternative proposals:

  • Customers who have previously benefited from loan repayment deferment may extend the repayment term of their loan by 6 months. This will reduce the value of future installments and bring them back to a level similar to that from before the COVID-19 pandemic. This solution can be availed of by companies using a working capital loan, investment loan, Business Express loan and Business Express mortgage (if the loan agreement was concluded by 13 March 2020). An application to extend the loan repayment period by 6 months may be submitted until 31.10.2020. Detailed information and the terms of the proposal are available at
  • Moreover, business customers may take advantage of the extension of the loan by 12 months. Additionally,  during the first year the principal part of each installment will amount to 50% of the repayment value from the remaining loan term. This solution is addressed to customers who have been repaying their loans for at least 12 months. The offer is independent of the previous facilities that the bank launched during the pandemic period. Detailed information and the terms of the proposal are available at

The main benefit for companies that decide to extend the loan repayment period is the lower loan installments in the new repayment schedule, prepared after the change in the terms of the loan agreement.

We also provide a loan installment repayment simulator on the offer description page – Before submitting an application, business customer can check how the instalments will change after amendment of the terms of the agreement.

Clients who are sole traders can submit applications via  electronic banking channels, at a branch or through the bank’s hotline. Clients whose  businesses have other organizational and legal forms can take advantage of the proposal only at a branch handling all the formalities during one visit.