Santander Foundation becomes a strategic partner of the ”Medal-Winning Refrigerator” nationwide educational project

The Santander Foundation together with the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw launched an educational campaign „Lodówka na medal” („Medal-Winning Refrigerator), aimed at shaping positive habits related to food storage and management, as well as spreading knowledge about the consequences of food waste. As part of the „Medal-Winning Refrigerator” project, educational workshops were held in schools and a unique online game was launched.

According to PROM data, as much as 5 million tonnes of food is wasted in Poland at the stages of production, processing, distribution and consumption. Households waste 3 million tonnes of food, i.e. as much as 60% of the food is thrown away which means that every second in Polish households we discard over 90 kg of food. By wasting food, we also waste water, fuel and energy and contribute to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Without implementing effective solutions, it will not be possible to stop the climate disaster.

The „Medal-Winning Refrigerator” project is a response to the phenomenon of food waste and an attempt to counteract its harmful impact on the climate.

” As the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw, we have decided to strengthen our existing educational activities and sow the seeds of knowledge from an early age. First, thanks to the support of Santander Bank Polska Foundation Volunteers, we will be visiting primary schools across Poland from March to invite children to play the game. During the workshops, students will learn about the scale of the problem, the effects of wasting food and learn how not to waste food. In addition, with the help of a magnetic model, children will learn how to store food properly inside and outside the fridge to keep it fresh for longer. In order to take education beyond the school and into the home, and to keep everyone interested, an online game has also been developed:, available in mobile and online versions. By playing the game, simple principles of food preservation can be taught in an attractive way. The winners become Food Rescuers in the game and receive special diplomas.

Iwona Wojtaszek

Business Relationship Manager at SOS Food Bank in Warsaw

According to the report on perspectives for preventing food waste in Poland until 2030, the introduction of education on limiting food waste could reduce this phenomenon by even one third. For this to happen, however, it is necessary to teach the young generation the right attitudes and consumer behaviour, wise food management and not wasting food.

Good habits are formed from an early age, whether in the world of finance, healthcare or responsible food management. One of the objectives of the Santander Foundation is to educate and disseminate knowledge, including that related to ecology and climate change. This is one of our priorities, to which we devote a great deal of attention. That is why we joined with great enthusiasm the campaign on positive habits related to food storage and management. A lot of data shows that the scale of food waste in Poland is significant, and we hope that our campaign will be one of the effective ways to tackle it and raise awareness.

Marzena Atkielska

Santander Bank Polska Foundation President

The „Medal-Winning Refrigerator” project is supported, among others, by the SOS Food Bank in Warsaw, the Santander Bank Poland Foundation and partners from the home appliances sector, such as Amica, Electrolux, Samsung and APPLIA – Association of Domestic Appliance Employers.