Santander Orchestra: the most interesting event project

The project has been awarded in the 17th iteration of the Media & Marketing Polska competition.

The judging panel of the competition appreciated our attempt at filling a niche in the area of high culture, the persistence of our actions and the excellence in the execution of the complex project formula. The Media & Marketing Polska award is the most prestigious distinction in the marketing communication industry.

Santander Orchestra is a very ambitious project but completely deprived of the artificial aura of exclusivity. We really appreciated the brand’s engagement in the world of classical music which is very rare in Poland. Santander Orchestra offers a real opportunity of professional development to young musicians and facilitates the start of their professional career. We like the multi-dimensional program of educating the young artists and promoting such important values as teamwork. We have also found that persistence with which the project has been implemented for a number of years deserves to be awarded.

Tomasz Wygnański,

Media & Marketing Polska Editor-In-Chief

The goal of the Advertising Agencies and Media Houses Gala is to recognize the leaders of the marketing communication industry. The winners are selected by the Media & Marketing Polska editorial team based on the results of a survey of more than 1,200 marketers carried out by Kantar Millward Brown Institute which has been the oldest, most comprehensive and most prestigious market research of this kind in Poland.

Building a positive brand image through culture sponsorship is a more difficult way to go but the satisfaction from achievement of the goal is unparalleled. We are glad that the Santander Orchestra, project which promotes and supports the professional development of young musicians has been noticed by marketing experts. To us, it is a reward for persistent efforts to find the perfect formula of the project. From year to year, we have been helping a bigger number of talented artists on their path to success . We have also each an increasingly large audience and we hope to keep it this way in the future.

Katarzyna Meissner,

Director of the Sponsorship and Relational Projects Office at Santander Bank Polska