Santander Universidades, in collaboration with the British Council, is launching a call for applications for the Santander Language Scholarship – English and IELTS with the British Council

Remote working has taken over the job market in recent months. This solution has made geographical barriers easier to overcome when applying for employment in international companies. Even in those that are not based in the applicant’s country of residence. What remains unchanged is the need to demonstrate fluency in the foreign language to succeed in this type of recruitment. Santander Universidades together with the British Council in Poland have decided to respond to the expectations of people who want to deepen their knowledge of English and obtain the IELTS certificate.

For those who plan to start their career in an international company where language skills are required, and for anyone else who wants to deepen their language competences, Santander Universidades, in collaboration with the British Council, has created the scholarship programme „Santander Language Scholarship | English and IELTS with the British Council”. The project is part of the Santander Group’s global campaign called #LifelongLearning to promote the idea of learning throughout the whole life.

Santander has a long-standing commitment to supporting academia around the world. Through our activities, we try to build a platform that supports education and creates a space for cooperation between students, universities and the business world. During the pandemic, we observed that there was an increased need among university graduates and employees of many companies to retrain or deepen the competences, which were not necessary before. On the other hand, we can see that the range of skills that employers now expect from candidates for specific positions, is changing dynamically. Due to the increasing popularity of remote work, geographical limitations are no longer crucial in the labour market, and more and more people are looking for opportunities to improve their language skills. Therefore, we are launching another edition of the Language Scholarship in partnership with the British Council in Poland. Anyone over 18 years old can apply, regardless of their education, experience or professional status.

Wojciech Leśniewski

Director of Santander Universidades in Poland

The Santander Language Scholarship | English and IELTS with the British Council is offering 500 places on the LearnEnglishSelect e-learning English course, which focuses on practical skills development. The best 250 students will additionally receive online classes with tutors, and in the next stage, the top 125 students will receive preparation support and the opportunity to take the IELTS exam free of charge. The project is aimed at students, graduates and anyone over the age of 18 who wants to develop their language skills.

You can apply for the scholarship until 6 June 2021, 23:00 by filling in the form at:

The British Council’s main aim is to create programmes that meet the needs and ambitions of young people, support their personal, social and economic development, and promote open and inclusive communities. Next Generation, a recent study analysing the Polish generation of young adults in detail, clearly showed that ambition, skills and hard work are the most important factors for a successful life. These were indicated by as many as 80% of respondents. Despite the fact that Poland ranks very high in English proficiency rankings, young people often declare that they do not feel sufficiently prepared linguistically for international challenges. Meanwhile, it’s a skill that opens many doors, allows you to reach for a better future, and broadens perspectives. The language scholarship offered together with Santander Bank Polska is another initiative through which we can jointly support ambitious people.

Colm McGivern

Director of the British Council in Poland

Santander Bank Polska, which for years has been supporting higher education and education through the Santander Universidades programme, is also recruiting for many other scholarship projects. A full list of them can be found on the website of the platform.