Sustainable finance – How to Find the Facts in the Maze of Myths

For several years, EU regulations related to sustainable development have been a challenge for companies, not only in terms of implementation of new regulations, but also their interpretation. Therefore, Santander Bank Polska together with its partners: SAPERE consulting company and the Warsaw Stock Exchange, have launched a new report „Sustainable Finance – Facts and Myths”.

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There are many myths in the public domain regarding both the understanding of the EU sustainable finance regulations  and their individual provisions, which are often difficult to distinguish from facts. Hence, the idea for a study that will sort out the knowledge and clear the doubts of entrepreneurs concerning ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) regulations, as well as dispel several myths that often appear in various publications.

The bank’s experts, who have been working on this topic for several years, note that the large amount of information, data, regulations and changes cause a sense of chaos, uncertainty and result in problems with the interpretation of regulations for some entrepreneurs. Santander Bank Polska has long been active in the area of green transformation, not only providing knowledge and advice, but also financing projects that help companies go through the process.

In the last two years, our bank was the first in Poland to offer clients such products as an ESG-linked loan based on an assessment of the borrower's commitment to sustainable development or sustainable bonds and IRS based on ESG indicators. At the same time, the bank adapts its lending policy to the expectations of the market, customers and regulators and increases its commitment to renewable energy investments. These are just some of the actions we are taking as part of sustainable finance and our contribution to the objectives of the European Green Deal,”

Michał Gajewski

CEO of Santander Bank Polska

The report on facts and myths related to green finance was prepared by Santander Bank Polska in partnership with SAPERE consultancy  and the Warsaw Stock Exchange which provided contributed its expertise on the subject. The study 'Sustainable Finance – Facts and Myths’ can be found here.