Volunteering for the common good

Corporate volunteering is one of the main CSR projects of Santander Bank Polska.

The corporate volunteering program is implemented in partnership with the Santander Bank Polska Foundation. Under the program, each of the bank’s employees can become a volunteer and carry out a project based on his/her own idea.

Employee volunteers can propose ideas and initiatives which respond to real needs of the local communities and, subsequently, put them into practice. They can also join in ongoing initiates and projects.

An example of a project implemented by our employees is the setting up of the so called Compassion Room in J. Bogdanowicz Children’s Hospital in Niekłańska Street, in Warsaw. The Members of our Management Board were involved in the execution of that project.

The Santander Bank Polska Foundation has been conducting its activities for more than 20 years in partnership with 580 volunteers. The beneficiaries of the majority of the Foundation’s projects are persons in difficult life situations. Our volunteers organize Christmas events in a special day care centre for children and charity events, study tours and cultural events for the residents of children’s homes. They also offer various kinds of help to families affected by poverty or misfortunes.