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Multichannel approach – anyway you like it

Our goal is to provide a customer- friendly bank offering 24-hour access to services, delivered in accordance with the customers’ requirements. We take every effort and invest in innovative solutions to ensure a convenient, fast and modern contact with our bank and access to our services and products.

We provide a wide range of channels to communicate with our bank for different customer segments

Retail customers:

  • a nationwide network of bank branches ad partner outlets;
  • remote channels:
    • telephone banking;
    • online and mobile banking – Santander online ;
    • Multichannel Communication Centre – video, chat, audio, e-mail, contact form;
    • Facebook, Twitter.

SMESmall and Medium Size EnterprisesSmall and Medium Size Enterprises customers:

  • remote channels: Santander online, Mini Firma, Moja Firma Plus and iBiznes24;
  • Multichannel Communication Centre;
  • company advisors in branches and partner outlets;
  • mobile advisor teams.

Corporate customers and customers from the Corporate and Investment Banking Division:

  • advisors responsible for the overall relationship;
  • 12 Corporate Banking Centres;
  • online and mobile services via the iBiznes24 platform;
  • specialised phone services of the Business Service Centre.

Innovations and new solutions supporting the development of multichannel approach

  • We are the first on the Polish financial market to use facial recognition in remote contacts with customers to provide access while maintaining the highest data and transaction security standards. Video verification is the authentication of the person’s identity using facial recognition during a video call with an online advisor.
  • Users of Android mobile phones were provided with the option to log in to Santander mobile service using a fingerprint.
  • We are the first bank in Poland to offer customers an option to set up the parameters of the Account As I Want It and the Customised Card by themselves via online and mobile banking services.
  • Management of cards via mobile banking services – customers can activate, assign /change PIN, cancel or block/unblock a card, change the limits and activate /disactivate the magnetic strip.
  • We introduced push alerts in Santander mobile– customers receive short and free-of-charge messages sent to mobile devices.
  • We launched a new mail module in mobile banking – customers have access to messages sent by the bank and can send queries to the bank.
  • We created “Pulpit” (Dashboard) – a new homepage which helps our customers manage their personal finances via electronic banking services.
  • Trusted Profile – customers (both retail and business) can set up a Trusted Profile in the internet banking service and log in to government websites.

The bank implemented video verification- the possibility of opening accounts (by retail customers or sole proprietors) after filling out a form online available on followed by online authentication of data in the identification document and comparison of the photograph in the ID document with the real image of the customer via a computer camera. This process is carried out by online advisors. By the end of February of this year, customers opened 323 accounts using video verification.

Additionally, we introduced customer identification based on telephone number and voice biometrics for SMESmall and Medium Size EnterprisesSmall and Medium Size Enterprises, Business and Corporate and Investment Banking customers. Biometrics provides a convenient and secure contact with advisors and simplifies the customer authentication process.

  • [Custom indicator 4] Number of customers using online and mobile banking Number of customers using online and mobile banking

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A total of 84,500 customers are already using the biometrics function.

(as at 31 June 2018)

Our objectives with regard to the development of mobile and online banking

  • Increasing the number of customers using remote services.
  • Providing the highest customer service standards in remote channels.
  • Building excellent customer experience and making their life easier.
  • Provision and development of innovative technological solutions.
  • Further development of biometric solutions.
  • Optimisation of processes and building competence centres in our Multichannel Communication Centre.
  • Providing an increasing number of end-to-end processes in online banking services
  • Implementation of after-sales services and improvement of sales processes in remote channels.
  • Continued focus on the safety of online and mobile banking services.
  • Further development of mobile payments.
  • Continuous development of sales and coherence
  • Introduction of improvements in mobile and online banking services in accordance with customer expectations and feedback.
  • [Custom indicator 5] Number of interactions in remote channels Number of interactions in remote channels

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Our achievements in developing online and mobile banking services

The number of interactions in the remote channels increased: at the end of 2016 we recorded 2,890,712 connections with the Multichannel Communication Centre, and at the end of 2017 – 3,669,415 connections.

Our customers contact the bank most often by telephone, although the number of connections with the “online advisor” (i.e. video/audio contacts, text chat) is also growing rapidly, and, therefore, we are constantly developing this communication channel.

Now our customers can:

  • Open an account online via video-verification.
  • Close an account via a video contact /over the phone.
  • Take out a cash loans using the Santander phone service.
  • Take out the Business Express loan for SMESmall and Medium Size EnterprisesSmall and Medium Size Enterprises customers via a video connection / Santander phone service.
  • Take out overdraft facilities for SME Small and Medium Size EnterprisesSmall and Medium Size Enterprisescustomers – video contact /Santander phone service.
  • Revoke cancellation of an ID document – video contact /Santander phone service.
  • Get a debit card – video contact /Santander phone service.
  • Switch accounts – video contact /Santander phone service.

We launched new communication channels for corporate customers using iBiznes24 banking– a 2.0 mailbox and text chat – for queries regarding the functioning of online banking services and complaints.

We launched a phone service in Ukrainian.

We received the title of the Institution of 2017 in the category of Best Service Quality in Remote Channels (awarded by, expert methodology – mystery shopper).

We promote digitalisation

Without numerous digitalisation-related initiatives taken by the bank, efficient multichannel services would not have been possible. In 2017:

  • We modernised the Multichannel Communication Centre increasing its functionality and the possibilities of the advisors – we set up nearly 200 workplaces for servicing video /audio /chat/telephone calls.
  • We initiated work on a project involving automated control of incoming traffic from different communication channels (Routing Genesys).
  • We completed the project of centralising calls from branches to the Multichannel Communication Centre
  • We implemented Speech Analytics – a tool for analysing recorded telephone calls, which searches calls by key words.
  • We introduced the Trusted Profile – a service for business customers. An application to set up a trusted profile can be submitted online (Santander online, Mini Firma, Moja Firma plus). The profile allows customers access to public administration services, in the same way as to online banking – using a NIK and PIN. The profile allows customers to settle most of the official payments and matters online (e.g. CEiDG, e-ZUS).

Our digitalisation development plans for 2018

Completion of work on the implementation of automated control of incoming traffic from different communication channels (Routing Genesys).

Implementation of the “Remote SME Advisor” project, which involves transferring ca. 40,000 customers who meet the migration criteria to being serviced by a team of remote advisors. This solution will provide business customers with an easy access to their advisor anytime and anywhere.