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Benefits and health

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  • [401-2] Benefits provided to full-time employees Benefits provided to full-time employees

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In our Sustainability (CRS) Policy we committed to promoting employment stability, flexible working hours and work-life balance, and ensuring health and safety in the workplace. We do our very best to deliver on these commitments, offering our employees not only the minimum required by law, but also an array of additional benefits and incentives.

89 % of the bank’s employees claim that “the company offers additional benefits, that respond to their needs”. This is 8% more than in 2016.

  • [401-2 ] Benefits provided to full-time employees Benefits provided to full-time employees

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Our non-cash benefit package has been compiled as to:
  • meet the needs of employees from different generation groups,
  • help build an attractive and valuable workplace,
  • increase the employees’ and their families’ level of comfort and security,
  • encourage employees to lead a healthy lifestyle,
  • help maintain a work-life balance.

The bank provides a wide range of additional benefits available to all employees. These include:

  • A comprehensive medical service plan for employees and their families.
  • MultiSport Card.
  • Group life insurance scheme.
  • Financial assistance to learn foreign languages (English and Spanish).
  • Certification courses and financing of BA, MA< doctoral and postgraduate studies.
  • Reimbursement of the cost of nurseries, kindergartens and day care clubs and the cost of children’s day camps, summer and winter camps.
  • A cafeteria system ensuring access to many cultural, sports and leisure events and benefits.
  • “Rajd Bankowca” Trekking Event which allows employees and their families to travel around Poland and abroad.
  • Attractive conditions of reimbursement of the cost of purchasing eyeglasses for working on a computer (higher compared to other companies).
  • School starter kits for children.
  • Non-repayable financial assistance to persons in difficult life, family or financial situations.
  • Discounts (permanent and temporary) on products offered by the bank’s business partners.
  • Sales and HR competitions with attractive prizes.

Our employees have access to comprehensive medical services provided by one of the leading healthcare providers. The cost of the healthcare plan is entirely funded by the bank. The employer is guaranteed access to preventive healthcare, physicians of all specialties and a very broad range of medical services, including home visits and rehabilitation procedures. Employees may also purchase, on preferential terms, a dental package, a healthcare package for family members (partner, children, parents or in-laws), and a hospital package for himself/herself and family members. Additional services are available against a fee payable by employees but are charged at preferential rates negotiated by the bank.

Our efforts have been appreciated

Santander Bank Polska was awarded for the Best Benefits Strategy 2017 in a country-wide competition for the most interesting and effective strategy to offer non-cash benefits to employees.

”This award motivates us to continue our work and to personalise our offer of benefits, so that it is increasingly attractive to our employees and brings them even more advantages, and as such serves the entire company.”

Katarzyna Lew-Kucharska, Manager of the Additional Benefits Team

Friendly workplace

A safe and friendly work environment is indispensable for our employees to be able to focus on their tasks and draw satisfaction from their performance.

We kept this in mind when building our new head office. We ensured that it had a good atmosphere, both in the literal and idiomatic sense. We used materials considered safe for human health, we prepared comfortable, ergonomic workplaces, introduced areas conducive to creativity and integration, as well as relaxation zones

To read more about our eco-friendly investment, click HERE.

Keeping a balance between work and private life is essential for general well-being. We are perfectly aware of this and we respect our employees free time.

In 2017, the bank’s employees were trained in work time management. Holiday leave usage was regularly tracked by means of a new holiday planning and monitoring tool. Furthermore, flexible working hours are accepted at the bank.

We promote a healthy lifestyle

We encourage our employees to lead an active life style through a number of health promoting initiatives. Here are some examples:


Trekking Event “Rajd Bankowca”, which has become the bank’s signature initiative, allows employees and their families to travel to different places in Poland and abroad.


It is the largest corporate recreational event organised for the past 24 years.  All the current and retired employees of the bank and their families are invited to participate in these trips, organised several times per year. The event combines corporate integration, good fun and active family relaxation. It is designed to cater to the expectations and likes of any employee, offering both relaxation and active leisure. Employees can choose from a wide choice of routes and activities, including skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, horseback riding, hiking and sightseeing.  They explore attractive sites in Poland and neighbouring countries.

In 2017, the “trekking bankers”, participating in three family editions (winter, summer and autumn), visited Krynica, Podlasie, the Kłodzko Valley and the Czech Republic. The most perseverant took part in in two events: The Green Velo bicycle tour, where they covered a distance of more than 400 km in 4 days and a Hohe Tauren trekking route in Austria.

  • Overall, 1,942 people participated in the project (up by 7 % versus 2016) and as many as 90% declared their presence in the following year.
  • According to the survey conducted among the participants of the 2017 Trekking Event, 91% of participants would recommend the programme to other employees.

Once a year, employees can participate in this event on preferential terms, thanks to a subsidy from the Company Social Benefits Fund.

Key objectives of the project:

  • promotion of the work-life balance concept,
  • integration through sports, tourism and recreation,
  • promotion of active leisure time,
  • raising the awareness of valuable natural and landscape features of Poland and other countries.

In response to a huge interest of our employees, in 2018, we will organise six editions of the Rajd Bankowca Trekking Event.


The “Health Bank” programme belongs to the global BeHealthy program of Santander Group. The aim of this programme based on a holistic approach to health, is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the concept of work-life balance. Under the programme, we carry out educational and motivational activities in four thematic areas (Eat well, Be active, Be ergo and Take care of your health), support bottom-up initiatives and organise health promotion campaigns together with our internal and external partners. Additionally, measures are taken to facilitate access to healthcare and fitness services.

The Health Bank programme has its presence on the Intranet; every week employees receive a set of articles and materials i their inboxes related to healthy diet, active leisure, relaxation, physical and mental health prevention and workplace ergonomics.


The highlight of our programme is the Health Bank Week modelled on Santander Group’s BeHealthy Week. For a whole week, employees can participate in pro-health initiatives. These initiatives are adapted to internal needs of the Bank’s employees and the domestic corporate wellness market.

Selected initiatives of the 2017 Health Bank programme:

  • Eat well: delivery of fruits to the offices; MultisportDiet platform for the users of the MultiSport card; the Bank’s Cookbook co-authored by the employees, Healthy Meal Day where the employees celebrated the custom of eating breakfast and lunch together at work.
  • Be active: Santander Bank Polska Runners Team; Santander Bank Polska Bike Team; mobile bike service event in 3 bank locations and the “How to exercise with a child” competition (with attractive prizes.).
  • Take care of your health: Health Days organised in partnership with the healthcare service provider, offering employees a possibility to have a basic medical check-up at work (glucose test, cholesterol level, blood pressure, body mass); attractive discounts for buying a cancer insurance cover; articles on physical and mental health prophylactics; a webinar for all employees, entitled, “Work-Life Balance. How to Achieve Balance? Effective Management of Personal and Professional Life”; a breast and cervical cancer prevention webinar on Women’s Day; competition addressed to teams related to an effective work break, with attractive prizes.
  • Be ergo: instructions for exercises to prevent eye strain; instructions on how to properly set up the office chair; articles on ergonomics in the workplace and workplace ergonomics quizzes.


Another event that combined healthy eating with physical activity was the Health Chain, which involved issuing pro-health challenges to other employees on the Instagram. The nominated person had to perform a task (e.g. drink freshly squeezed lemon juice or do push-ups, etc.), document it in a photograph and then challenge another person. This event was promoted by the Bank’s Management Board, along with the President himself.

  • Nearly 90% of bank employees know the programme and feel that it inspires them to lead an active life style.
  • According to the latest Health Report 2017 drawn up by our medical service provider, the health condition of the employees has improved: the duration of leaves dropped from 9.3 day to 8.8 day, the percentage of smokers decreased by 3 % and the number of preventive consultations went up by 2%.

Safety at work

  • [403-2] Type and rate of occupational injuries Type and rate of occupational injuries

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We implement OHS policies and procedures, and our goal is to reduce continuously the risk of work-related incidents.

Work-related accidents (incidents) by gender:

Female Male
Number of work-related accidents (incidents) 48 9
Number of work-related fatalities 0 0
Number of major work accidents (incidents) 0 0
Number of minor work accidents (incidents) 48 9
Total number of persons injured in accidents 61

Rate of injuries, occupational diseases, lost days and absence from work, and number of fatal work-related incidents, by gender:

Total Female Male
IR – Accident incidence rate[1] 5.3 4.2 0.8
Total number of lost days due to work accidents[2] 12.29 10.78 1.51
Accident seriousness rate[3] 23.15 25.79 19.33
AR – absence rate[4] 13,085 15,893 5,681


[1] (calculated as the total number of accident victims/ employment x 1,000)
[2] (the rate of total number of lost days to the planned number of employees’ hours of work in the reporting period  x 200,000)
[3] (calculated as a total number of lost days due to accidents/ number of accidents)
[4] (total number of days of absence from work/ number of days of work in a year  x 200000.)