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Social projects

As part of its CSR activities, Santander Bank Polska sponsored and supported the promotion of the ”Hello Dad” and ”Hello Money” projects implemented in partnership with Konrad Kruczkowski,  author of the (Hello Earth) blog.

Hello Dad

”Hello Dad” is a journalism project focusing on fatherhood. The outputs include written stories, photos and documentaries and a book. The stories refer not only to the role a father but also to the set of underlying core values. During the currency of the project we recorded more than 3 million interactions with the project and the bank (impressions, video views, social media reach).

For more information about the project click here.

Hello Dad – an audiobook by Santander Bank Polska

On the initiative of our employees voice recordings of the stories were made and the first audiobook in the history of our bank was produced. The goal of the project was to help our colleagues from the bank who were coping with difficult life situations. Part of the proceeds from the sale of each ”Hello Dad” audiobook was donated to them.

The audiobook production was a big challenge. More than 80 persons took part in the casting. The readers who qualified for the project met with Krzysztof Czeczot, an actor and professional speaker involved in the production of radio dramas and audiobooks who trained them in the art of audio play performance. Last October, the first audiobook in the bank’s history was produced in a professional recording studio.

The “Hello Dad” audiobook received an honourable mention during the gala evening of the Santander Bank Polska Foundation organised to celebrate  its 20th anniversary as one of the top 10 projects nominated for the Annual Volunteering Award 2017.

The ”Hello Dad” project was awarded in 2017 in the prestigious Golden Clips competition of the Public Relations industry.

Hello Money

”Hello Money” is a journalism project in which money serves only as a pretext to talk about important social phenomena, such as poverty, exclusion, disability or unmet needs but also about culture and independence of artists. So far, six interviews have been conducted and published under the project.

  • 6


  • >100,000

    persons read each of the publications

The series starts with an interview with Katarzyna Bonda, a writer of mystery novels,  focusing mainly on the subject of caring for ourselves and our own needs, including financial needs.

The next interview with the founder of a social coffee bar and club called ”Life Is Great” who employs persons with autism spectrum disorders sparked a discussion on the situation of persons with intellectual disabilities on the labour market. The interview was recommended in the social media by politicians and NGO activists.

A similar reaction was evoked by the interview with Izabela Sopalska, member of Poland’s wheelchair rugby national team who talked about the need to adapt public space to the needs of people with disabilities.

Agnieszka Stein, a psychologist, talked about how to prepare children with different backgrounds and financial situations to develop relationships with each other and live in a society ridden by inequality.

In June, right before the summer holiday, the project brought to light an informal group of activists called ”Soups served in Planty Park” who support people coping with homelessness and try to overcome the stereotypes concerning homeless people.


Soups served in Planty Park/ own sources


By supporting the project and raising the level of public sensitivity to economic disparities between people, the bank responds to a number of vital social and educational goals. The project fights stereotypes, breaks down barriers and sparks discussions on important social topics.

To visit the project website please click HERE.


Each of the interviews tackling important social issues was read by 100,000 to 200,000 persons.