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Daily payments with VISA Akcja Pajacyk credit card help finance meals and psychosocial support for children

For 18 years we have been supporting the Pajacyk Campaign, financing over 100,000 meals for children every year. Now, together with the Polish Humanitarian Action, we are also helping children with psychosocial support.

The Visa Silver Akcja Pajacyk credit card can be found in the wallets of more than 300,000 Santander Bank Polska customers who use it on a daily basis. Thanks to them every year the bank transfers funds to the Polish Humanitarian Action to finance lunches for children. So far more than 2 million meals have been provided under this long-term partnership.

Now customers who pay with Visa Silver Akcja Pajacyk card not only help to finance meals, but also psychosocial support for children and young people. The Bank donates to the Polish Humanitarian Action a part of the fee for the card, as well as a certain amount of money from each transaction made by the customer. The Visa Silver Akcja Pajacyk card can also be added to a phone or watch and used conveniently, every day.

The Pajacyk Campaign, now referred to as the Pajacyk child support programme, has been fulfilling its mission of feeding children for years. Now it also wants to help them with psychosocial support. Access to free specialist care is difficult, because of their limited number and consequently the waiting times for appointments are very long. On the other hand, in families where there is a problem of malnutrition, it is usually not possible to take advantage of paid consultations with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The beneficiaries of the Pajacyk child support programme are children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, with behavioural problems, experiencing violence and impaired self-esteem. The program funds individual and group therapy, competence training and workshops. Money also go to day-care centres for children, day-rooms, social therapy clubs and community clubs.

A glossary of terms and definitions related to representative services, derived from the Regulation of the Minister of Development and Finance of 14 July 2017 on the list of representative services linked to a payment account, is available at and at the bank’s branches. The credit card offer can be used by persons who meet the creditworthiness assessment conditions required by Santander Bank Polska. RRSO 11,17%