Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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By 2021, we want to become one of the top ten employers in at least six major geophysical areas in which we operate.

Santander Bank Polska has clear and transparent recruitment rules set out in the document Organization of the Recruitment Process. All persons involved in the recruitment process are obliged to apply the principles of ethics resulting from the Labour Code and internal regulations, as well as provisions on confidentiality and non-discrimination.

Internal Recruitment

Priority is given to bank employees in internal recruitment processes. In this way we broaden the possibilities of employee development and support the building of individual career paths.

Recommendations Programme

The program involves employees in the recruitment process, encouraging them to recommend candidates for vacant positions. The system allows to reach a larger group of people interested in taking up a job in the bank, according to the recruitment criteria for a given position.

Internship and Training Programme

The programme is conducted in cooperation with universities in the country, attracting young, educated and talented employees. In 2019 we launched internships opportunities in such fields of specialty as Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Big Data and User Experience, acquiring the key competences of the future in accordance with the global development strategy.

In the recruitment process we also benefit from the support of external companies, use social media and take part in job fairs and events organized by universities, scientific circles and career offices.

The basic criterion for selecting candidates is compliance with the required job profile in terms of competence, experience, knowledge, motivation and personality, as well as matching the organizational culture.

In the recruitment process we promoted the employment of persons with disabilities as part of the Differently Abled Programme.

Recruitment in 2019:

  • We continued to acquire competences aligned with the new profile and better adapted to such market challenges as continuous change, digitalization and robotization, Big Data and Cyber Security.
  • We focused on activities supporting the image of the bank as a modern and responsible employer making use of available technological solutions (e.g. contact with candidates was supported by chatbot, the date of the recruitment meeting with the candidate was confirmed by means of Waywer’s video message), being active in social media (Linkedln, Facebook) and running programmes to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities. We are the second most active bank on LinkedIn and the third most active employer on LinkedIn in Poland. We were the first bank in Poland to start recruitment in social media.
  • In cooperation with other bank branches around the world, we want to launch a common advertising platform for Santander Group employees in all countries. These activities will strengthen the exchange of experience and enable the bank’s employees to develop careers in global structures.