Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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We care for the well-being of our employees by offering them a wide range of non-cash benefits and making efforts to promote healthy lifestyles under the BeHealthy Programme. 

BeHealthy Programme

As part of this initiative in Poland, we take a holistic approach to the broadly understood well-being of our employees. We put emphasis on promoting physical activity and a healthy diet, encourage regular medical check-ups and monitoring of one’s health and take care of the mental health by supporting the balance between private life and work.

The BeHealthy programme (formerly: Healthy Bank) is present throughout the entire employment duration of our employees in the company and the first time they come across the programme is already at the stage of onboarding. From the very beginning, we want them to learn about the benefits that support a healthy lifestyle and development of good habits.

We have incorporated the BeHealthy objectives into our annual objectives as an option so that we can use the business target planning process to set our own healthcare goals. We encourage employees to, among other things, eat and drink water regularly, sleep regularly, practice mindfulness, remember about health check-ups and spend some time every day without access to their mobile phones.

It is crucial for us that our employees not only participate in the activities offered by the BeHealthy programme, but actually contribute to them. It is thanks to them that the social network is alive and attracts more people. The employees get involved in the organization of various events, upload footage for our video broadcasts, share their passions and support others as BeHealthy ambassadors.

In 2020 we want to introduce more innovations. We will not only look after physical and mental health, but also financial sustainability, developing healthy relationships and promoting ecology. We want every employee of the bank to feel that they are in a company that cares for them and provides opportunities to take good care of their own health.

The most important initiatives of the BeHealthy Programme:

Santander GO!

In order to support our employees in achieving their sports goals, we have launched an application for recording physical activities. Employees, regardless of location, can participate in games and freely communicate in groups related to their passions. The application is available both in the web browser and on smartphones, which means that the fitness culture accompanies our employees every day – also after hours.

The Santander GO! website also helps to find training partners, get advice from more experienced colleagues or just get active.

Some of the activities in the application, thanks to the partnership with the Santander Foundation, also have a charitable purpose. For instance, after reaching a certain pre-defined target e.g. the number of kilometres travelled, the Foundation makes a donation to a noble cause. In this way, each employee, even through recording a short walk, makes a contribution to supporting those in need. Among more than 80 activities that can be recorded on the website, there is also corporate volunteering. Each employee volunteer can share his or her emotions and encourage others to join in.

A regular video in the formula of sports news is also broadcast

The persons featuring in the programme are our employees who inspire each other to undertake activities that serve their health. We talk about people who took part in competitions, are preparing for a marathon or have found a great place to practice. We emphasize their successes, including the smallest ones which lead to larger goals.

BeHealthy Week

throughout the whole week, employees can benefit from consultations with physiotherapists or nutritionists and take part in workshops and webinars with experts. This is the time when we provide information on how to deal with stress and how to find a proper balance between private life and work.

Sports competitions and tournaments

  • Poland Business Run – we are the most strongly represented organization in this competition. In 2019, 500 employees in 9 cities took part in the run. This is our record to date.
  • The sports tournament in Puławy – is our internal Olympic Games which we organize every year for our employees. We compete in several sports disciplines, such as volleyball, basketball, running or football.
  • The North Race Helps – employees from the North Macroregion organize a charity run once a year. In 2019, they collected PLN 30 thousand.


In addition, we take part in industry events such as the Company Runs or Sports Games.

  • Company running competitions250 employees participated in the races in Wrocław and Warsaw.
  • Sports Games Wrocław100 employees took part in basketball, volleyball and football games in the city of Wrocław.

Rajd Bankowca Trekking Event

Every year the bank organizes a trekking event for employees and their families in interesting places in Poland and abroad. The event combines corporate integration and active family recreation. The dates of the events during the year partly coincide with school holidays for students to make it easier for parents with children to participate.

  • In 2019, Rajd Bankowca was attended by nearly 1,000 employees with families. On average 90% of participants expressed their interest in participating in the event next year and 91% recommended Rajd Bankowca to other employees.