Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Retail customers

  • [102-2] Activities, brands, products and/or services. Activities, brands, products and/or services.

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  • [Custom indicator ] Information on key products, including new products launched in the reporting period Information on key products, including new products launched in the reporting period

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  • [Custom indicator] Products and initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Products and initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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Other guidelines:

The Retail Banking division serves

  • individual customers

    for better matching of their needs and expectations we have identified segments in this group: Standard, Premium, Select and Private Banking.

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (with a turnover of up to PLN 8 million per year)

    We serve small and medium-sized enterprises from all over Poland, representing all sectors except for those excluded in accordance with our Compliance policy. Our sectoral policies governing the financing of projects and clients from sensitive sectors are described in section Policies.


Key products and services
Retail customers SMEs
  • savings products,
  • mortgage and consumer loans,
  • credit and debit cards,
  • insurance products,
  • investment products,
  • billing services,
  • brokerage services,
  • topping-up mobile phones,
  • international payments and Western Union,
  • wealth management services.
  • company accounts,
  • loans, including loans to finance current operations,
  • investment loans,
  • loans granted on preferential terms in cooperation with the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture,
  • guarantees,
  • leasing and factoring,
  • start-up financing (Santander Leasing),
  • deposits and investment products,
  • comprehensive trade finance services,
  • treasury products,
  • special offer for selected industries, including agriculture.

Contact channels

Our retail customers can contact us through:

  • branch network,
  • partner outlets,
  • a network of agents,
  • Multichannel Communication Center – telephone, chat, video,
  • electronic banking, including:
    • Santander Internet,
    • Santander mobile application,
    • Santander mobile banking platform in a browser.
  • dedicated advisors who maintain regular contacts with Private Banking and Select and Premium clients.

We maintain relations with business customers through:

  • business advisors present in branches and outlets,
  • the telephone Multichannel Communication Center,
  • electronic channels:
    • online banking, i.e. Mini Firma, Moja Firma Plus and iBiznes24,
    • Santander mobile.

Objectives 2019

The bank’s priorities in servicing retail customers remained unchanged: providing the highest level of service in all channels, protecting and multiplying customer savings, providing a wide range of investment products and increasing customer satisfaction.

Therefore we focused on:

  • continued improvement of the customer service quality (e.g. we are developing the options to freely adjust our offer to individual customer needs),
  • simplifying customer service processes,
  • increasing the level of customer self-service in remote channels,
  • further optimization of the distribution network and mass rollout of the New Branch Model,
  • implementation of a new credit process for customers from the small and medium-sized enterprise segment,
  • activation of retail clients of the Brokerage Office through the offer of additional services (expert analyses, free consultancy, access to analytical programs),
  • increasing the availability of the Brokerage Office’s offer, as well as digitization and automation of brokerage service processes,
  • introducing further non-financial services for bank customers (micro factoring, soft debt collection services, legal services),
  • maintaining a high quality of service for Private Banking customers following the merger with Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.

Key initiatives in 2019

  • In 2019, the bank’s main product was the Account As I Want It addressed to a wide range of customers. This account can be freely configured by customers according to individual needs and preferences. A package of additional services and functionalities is associated with it. In October, we enhanced the attractiveness of this account for customers up to 13 years old, increasing the interest rate on balances up to PLN 3 thousand.

Accounts maintained by Santander Bank Polska in numbers1:

  • 3.8 m

    personal accounts – an annual increase of 4.2%

  • 1.8 m

    Accounts As I What It

  • 4.6 m

    personal accounts, including foreign currency accounts

  • As a result of the implemented system improvements, we have shortened the process of opening an account and limited the number of documents to be signed.
  • We have carried out a number of improvements to strengthen card payment authorization systems.
  • We have launched a new website with a revamped look, friendly interface, new content layout and simplified navigation. The website offers our customers an opportunity to easily compare products and fees. New features include a credit calculator and a tool which helps customers configure the Account As I Want It according to their needs.
  • We have provided all investors using the Inwestor online transaction platform with a comprehensive information service, including expert analyses and brokers’ recommendations.
  • Santander Brokerage Office has increased the technological availability of its services, among others, by allowing customers to open brokerage accounts through the buy-by-click feature on Santander internet and extending the functionality of the mobile application for retail customers.
  • We have simplified and automated credit sales processes with advisors in traditional channels and modernized the process of selling consumer credits via Santander internet and Santander mobile.
  • In order to provide Private Banking customers with the highest quality service, we have introduced a number of enhancements. For more information on solutions dedicated for this group of customers go here.
  • For Select customers, we have launched the Cyberrescue.
  • We have developed Santander mobile and Santander internet services by introducing, among other things, the login chosen by the client, one login for personal and corporate banking, a 6-digit SMScode and service available in Ukrainian and Russian in these channels.
  • We have introduced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in remote channels. The changes are related to the implementation of the PSD2 directive and their aim is to increase customer security. The use of strong authentication applies to all Santander Bank Polska customers.
  • We have consistently improved online banking and the mobile application, e.g. by redesigning the main screen or offering a more convenient card service in the application.
  • [Custom indicator] Products and initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Products and initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

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Initiatives for SMEs

  • We have extended our offer with modern, mobile payment terminals mPOS designed for individuals conducting business activity.
  • We have launched a new channel to distribute loans to SMEs through a network of external agents.
  • We have launched a new credit line under an agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), which provides customers with financing at a lower margin.
  • We have introduced a new Smart Loans credit system in which you can check the available amount of credit and its price and apply for a loan. The loan is automatically sanctioned and the money is disbursed. This solution reduces the processing time from application to disbursement to one business day on average and increases the average value of a credit transaction. It is the first big step towards full automation of the credit process. Smart Loans is an intuitive, flexible system, primarily aimed at internal customers running their own businesses as sole traders. Ultimately, Smart Loans will completely replace the existing credit tools in our bank in the segment of small and medium-sized enterprises. For entrepreneurs, simple and fast financial solutions supporting their initiatives are extremely important, and Smart Loans is the answer to such needs.
  • We constantly strive to improve the competences of SME advisors. In 2019, apart from the continuation of trainings conducted in previous years, the Adaptation Programme for SME advisers was launched in a new version. You can read about the project and other trainings in section Training and education.
  • Since 2020, we have been working on adapting Poczta 2.0 to the remote execution of credit agreements by sole proprietors, having access to Mini Firma electronic banking and a signed Company Identification Card (KIF). Poczta 2.0 allows for remote execution of processes previously available only in the branch. The mail system allows for communication with the customer, exchange of documents and their acceptance. This is a very conveninet solution for the customer, because the entire credit sales process can be conducted remotely. The process will be extended to include De Minimis Guarantees, renewals, mortgages and other non-credit products.

Plans for the retail customer segment in 2020:

Simplifying processes for the convenience of customers

Further digitization

Increasing the possibility of purchasing individual products in remote channels, e.g. accounts for children under 18 years old.

1Numbers of accounts kept as at 31 December 2019.