Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Other guidelines:

In 2019, Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) principles were introduced as criteria for assessing Corporate and Investment Banking projects. The “Social & Environmental Risk Analysis“ procedure was created defining the process of social and environmental risk analysis which is obligatory for the bank and which may occur in connection with commercial activities carried out by the bank’s clients.

We analyse whether clients’ activities are subject to prohibitions or restrictions defined in the bank’s sectoral policies. The purpose of the analysis is to provide a justified assessment as a condition for acceptance or rejection of an application for granting financial products or services for reasons related to social and environmental risk.

We are working on further improvement of processes for taking into account social, environmental and management risks. From the business point of view, these risks play an increasingly important role, and the streamlining of relevant processes will allow us to increase our involvement, for example, in the development of RES in Poland.

Michał Gajewski