Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Complaints policy

At Santander Bank Polska, we not only make sure that complaints are handled to meet regulatory requirements. We also take steps to increase customer satisfaction with the process at every stage, from receiving the complaint to providing an answer. In order to be able to respond to clients’ needs, after the complaint evaluation is closed, we measure their level of satisfaction with the process.

Customers can also contact our Customer Care Officer who represents their interests in the case of complaints. If a client does not agree with the decision concerning  the complaint, he or she may apply to the Customer Care Officer asking for re-examination of the case. Such an approach provides a powerful support to customers and guarantees utmost care in dealing with complaints.

Customers may file complaints:

  • in electronic banking channels, including a video-chat and a text chat

  • by phone

  • in person at the branches

  • by traditional mail

We will respond to the complaints:

  • in electronic banking channels

  • by letter

  • by text message

We also send text messages on the case status informing the customers about:

  • receiving a complaint report

  • more time needed to evaluate a complaint (when it cannot be evaluated within 7 days)

  • closure of the case and the way in which the response was sent

In 2019, we took a number of measures to optimise the complaint process:
  • We have increased the use of robots in the complaint evaluation process – complaints concerning fees and savings accounts were are now directed to the fast track process with the involvement of robots.
  • We have launched a process of providing our customers with additional letters explaining how we calculate the charges for using cards and KGP accounts. We do this when we send a reply to the complaint via SMS.
  • We have authorised employees of branches, helplines and advisors of the Select and Private Banking segments to communicate to clients the decision to accept a complaint in strictly defined cases, already at the time when the complaint report is filed (the refund, if any,  is posted to the account within 2 working days).