Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019
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Agile in practice

Other guidelines:

The Agile transformation involves the abandonment of complex hierarchical structures and the transition to working in small, interdisciplinary teams able to quickly and efficiently implement new solutions according to customer needs.

The activities undertaken by us in the area of optimization of banking structures and methods of operation are aimed at ensuring greater organizational efficiency and, above all, standardized, high quality customer service, which will translate into an increase in the NPS value.

Santander Bank Polska has been implementing the agile mode of operation successively since 2018.

In 2019, the finalisation of activities on the Agile methodology implementation was one of the most important objectives of the bank’s development.

The activities to build an Agile environment in the bank in 2019:

  • The employees involved in the agile transformation were grouped into 17 tribes and 12 IT units.
  • We have launched the following business tribes: Wealth Management, Bancassurace (in this way the bank has completed the implementation of the new model of cooperation with insurance companies), SME Tribe, Improvement of Corporate Banking Products and Processes, Credit Processes and Electronic Channels of Corporate Banking, Effective Distribution and Financial Markets and the Technology Tribe – Client Data Platforms which develops APIs, i.e. data exchange platforms and builds solutions processing customer data (including biometric data).
  • We have introduced a new structure of the Digital Transformation Division, which is to facilitate the achievement of current goals i.e. taking care of positive experiences and customer satisfaction (NPS), security, stabilization of systems, simplification of processes and development of new technologies and innovations in the bank.
  • In the Operations Area we have set up two units – Payments Tribe, which is responsible for the development of payment solutions, and Content Management & Process Automation Tribe, responsible for the development of digital workflow and process automation. These units develop solutions for several customer segments.
  • Other departments have undergone transformations and changes that reflect business re-segmentation. The introduction of the new model was associated in each case with a change in the scope of responsibilities and has an impact on more effective management of people and businesses.
  • We have adapted the office space in different locations of the bank to the needs of agile work methodology.

Designing positive customer experiences

In order for the solutions proposed for particular areas requiring improvement from the point of view of customer satisfaction (the so-called ‘hot spots’) to better meet the needs of customers, Service Design experts conducted workshops. Based on customer feedback, prototypes of solutions were developed. The proposals were then tested and refined with the customers, and in the second half of 2019 the implementation of the first concepts began within the increasingly mature and flexible Agile organization.

The Management Board and the top management of the bank were involved in the process of creative search for solutions using design thinking.

Every year in Santander Bank Polska S.A. we create more and more space for design thinking. This is facilitated by the methodology of Agile work, and its effects translate positively into the perception of the bank by customers.