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The Finansiaki teach us how to save money

Saving money is like riding a bike: it’s worthwhile to learn it

In Poland, the month of October has traditionally focused on the subject of saving money. Why is it worthwhile to save? How to do it and, what’s most important, how to develop the habit from the early years?  The answers to these questions and a lot more useful information from the field of financial education can be found on our website.

Are you a parent, teacher or an educator? This website is just for you!

Parents who will visit the website will find there many interesting articles and useful advice how to talk about money with their children, when is the best time to begin economic education and how to adapt it to the needs of children from different age groups. The Finansiaki show us in a simple and friendly way how to develop desirable attitudes and habits related to saving money in children while playing with them.

nterested in a class in basic economics for pre-school or primary school children?

Are you a teacher looking for teaching aids and materials for an interesting class in finance and economics?

The Finansiaki website offers ready class scripts with teaching aids for school and kindergarten teachers free of charge.

  • Money-saving champions
  • What do I want and what do I need?
  • You can bank on it.
  • Bib-bik or virtual money.
  • Every penny counts.

These are just a few examples of interesting classes prepared by experts in financial education in conformance with the pre-school curriculum and the general knowledge curriculum for primary schools.

The Finansiaki are a family of cartoon heroes which is just like any other family. They have been created to help parents and teachers talk with children about money. The characters appear in animations, stories and class scripts for children of different ages. They can also be found in a board game which you can play with children at home or use in class. So please meet the Finansiaki and introduce them to children. We encourage you strongly to learn together and gain new knowledge while playing and having fun.

Financial education of children and youth is one of the main areas of Santander Bank Polska’s social engagement. We promote financial knowledge because we know that it is the best way to gain effective control over one’s own finances and develop entrepreneurial spirit in daily life.

Did you know that ..?

October 31 is the World Savings Day promoting the value of bank savings. The ceremony was established at the initiative of European banks at the first International Thrift Congress held in in 1924 in Milan.