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The strategy of the Santander Bank Polska Group reflects a customer-centric approach to business management through continuous improvement of the quality of service and product offering.

In our strategy, we place particular emphasis on digitising and simplifying processes for customers, thereby improving their experience, increasing operational efficiency, simplicity of solutions and transparency.

The implementation of the Group’s strategy is supported by innovative solutions, a corporate culture that strengthens employee involvement and motivation, and the organisation’s social responsibility.

Six strategic directions for 2021-2023 ”Focus on accelerating change”

As part of the 2021-2023 strategy, we have defined six strategic directions: ”Customer obsession”, ”Employee Focus”, ”Simplification”, ”Omnichannel”, ”Innovate to Open Platform”, ”Safety and Trust”. They indicate the key areas on which the transformation of our Group is focused. The strategic directions set by the Group are as follows:

  • consolidate specific objectives focused on winning the loyalty of different stakeholder groups: employees (Employee Focus), customers (Customer Obsession), communities and shareholders (Safety and Trust);
  • attribute the greatest transformational value to the objectives related to the development of the Group’s operational model: Simplification and Omnichannel;
  • take into account the vision of the Santander Group’s regional strategic plan ”One Europe”, emphasising the importance of the foundations on which the development of our organisation is based (Safety and Trust), with particular reference to the Responsible Banking agenda (Corporate Social Responsibility);
  • indicate a desire to build competitive advantages by innovating to an Open Platform.

Due to the dynamics and complexity of changes occurring in the macroeconomic environment, our strategy is subject to systematic review, which ensures a rapid response to market trends and other changes in the environment.

Strategic objectives for 2021-2023