Partnerships for climate

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We are involved in environmental projects and support sectoral, multi-sectoral and international initiatives concerning the protection of the environment and its resources.

Green Transformation Council of the Lewiatan Confederation

We are a member of the Green Transformation Council of the Lewiatan Confederation. The purpose of the Council’s work is to provide opinions and consultations on regulations and strategies that are part of the European Green Deal, including the preparation of substantive expert opinions, positions, strategies, feedback on regulations, as well as active cooperation with public administration on the final shape of proposed solutions.
For more information about the initiative go to the website of the Lewiatan Confederation.

Polish Plastics Pact

As the only representative of the financial sector in Poland, we are a signatory of the Polish Plastics Pact, which joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s global Plastics Pact Network. The aim of the Pact is to move towards a circular economy. The initiative was created under the umbrella of the 17 Goals Campaign. It sets out six strategic goals that companies operating in Poland and influencing the plastic packaging market will strive to achieve by the end of 2025. By becoming a member of the Pact, we want to support our customers in transforming their businesses.

You can read more about the initiative on the website of the Polish Plastics Pact.

UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre

As part of the Together for the Environment partnership, the UNEP/GRID Warsaw Centre organisation provides expert support for the bank’s environmental activities. Through cross-sectoral cooperation we implement the environmental Sustainable Development Goals and actively support the Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet campaign and the Re:Generation programme.

5 Fractions Coalition

We are a member of the 5 Fractions Coalition, a cross-sectoral initiative of companies and institutions that was established to create innovative solutions to support the segregation, recovery and recycling of waste, especially packaging waste.
You can read more about the initiative on the website of the 5 Fractions Coalition.

Partnerships for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Poland

We are part of the Partnership for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Poland, an agreement between the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology and representatives of business entities. It serves to create synergy of actions undertaken in Poland in the scope of implementing the recommendations of Agenda 2030 and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals embedded therein.