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    Activities, value chain and other business relationships

Customer relations

Key activities in 2021 affecting our customers

We continued the strategic project of accelerated digitisation of retail banking, which aims to provide customers with „end-to-end” digital solutions. As part of the project, we are incorporating further innovative products into our offering, changing processes and the way we organise work and collaboration.

We worked hard to make our processes and products as user-friendly and intuitive as possible, for both customers and employees.

We were making changes that enabled us to best adapt to new market conditions and customer expectations.

The bank’s offer is modern, comprehensive and meets the diverse needs of customers in terms of: bank accounts, credit, savings and investment products, settlement services and insurance and card products.

Santander Bank Polska S.A. has 5,432 thousand customers, including:

  • Retail customers

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises

  • Corporations

  • Large enterprises

  • Public sector institutions

In our 2020 ESG report we have described in detail the products, contact channels and goals in serving our various customer segments in the 2020 ESG Report in the Customers and Services subsection of the Customers chapter, in sections dedicated to retail customers and SMEs, business customers and Santander Leasing. The report can be found at:

Standard for the creation and development of products and services

In 2021, we developed and implemented in certain parts of the bank a standardised, customer-centric product and service development process, Compass.

This is our process based on an Agile workflow that helps achieve business goals by focusing on customer needs and empirically validating hypotheses with customers. Compass is a practical application of design and research tools and methods, taking into account the needs of the complex and highly regulated business environment of a large bank, such as our bank.

In our day-to-day work, Compass helps us answer the question of whether the products and services we plan to implement meet our customers’ needs and provide them with a good experience, while at the same time enabling us to achieve our business objectives.