Support to customers in distress

We show understanding and try to support customers who experience problems with timely repayment of their liabilities. In such circumstances, the bank’s priority is to identify the causes of the situation and jointly find the best possible solutions to restore timely loan repayments.

We monitor arrears from an early stage of overdue payments and take action to support customers.

Early stage of overdue liabilities for
Retail and SME customers
Solutions available on Santander Internet for self-service by the customer: Telephone contact with an advisor whose role is to ensure: At our branches customers can apply for:
  • declaration of repayment of overdue amounts within 7 days
  • ordering an interview with an advisor at a convenient time for the customer and setting a new repayment date
  • restructuring, i.e. arranging repayments anew:
    • grace periods for loan principal repayments
    • temporary reduction of loan instalments
    • extension of the credit period
    • setting a new repayment schedule covering the past due and non-past due portion of the credit
  • identification of customer problems and needs
  • joint selection and implementation of the most appropriate solution in a given situation
  • ongoing, partnership-based communication with the customer
  • agreeing on the repayment of overdue debt or working out a long-term solution that allows the client the comfort of timely repayment
  • consolidation of all liabilities into one loan
  • voluntary sale of the real property being the security for the repayment of the loan (if the sales proceeds are lower than the outstanding loan amount we agree on convenient terms of repayment of the remaining amount due)

Results of advisors’ performance evaluation

We regularly check whether our advisors apply partnership principles in practice when talking to customers  and meet the expectations of customers in distress. We carry out surveys immediately after the conversation (SAT-NET indicator). Customers are asked to rate the friendliness, politeness and commitment of their advisor on a scale of 1 (least satisfied) to 7 (most satisfied).

Last year, we invited 82,800 customers to participate in the survey. The response rate was 29.8% and the level of SAT-NET customer satisfaction reached 86%.

Key figures:

  • 82.8
  • 29.8
    Response rate
  • 86
    SAT-NET customer satisfaction level

Borrower support

  • In accordance with the Act on Support for Mortgage Borrowers in Financial Distress, we accept customer applications for financial assistance from BGK funds.
  • For mortgage customers with CHF loans, we have implemented and maintain the assistance package known as the ”ZBP 6-pack”. We offer all six elements of that package, which includes, among other things, conversion of the loan to PLN at the average NBP rate,  currency spread reduced to 2%, and taking into account the negative CHF Libor. In addition, we also offer these customers a possibility of loan restructuring, reduction of instalments and change of loan security.

Information for the bank’s customers in distress is posted and updated on our website.