Cultural sponsorship

Santander Orchestra

Santander Orchestra is an original project of Santander Bank Polska supporting careers of the most talented young musicians. The 2021 edition resulted in cooperation with Warner Music Poland on the project „Szymon Komasa – Songs from the Old Men’s Cabaret. Laboratory”. The authors of new arrangements of the cult songs of the Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora duo were, among others, Aleksander Dębicz, Krzysztof Herdzin, Paweł Mykietyn, Hania Rani and Bartek Wąsik. Apart from Szymon Komasa, the songs were sung by Joanna Kulig, Hanna Banaszak, Mary Komasa, Vito Bambino and Błażej Król, accompanied by the Santander Orchestra conducted by Krzysztof Herdzin and Radosław Labahu.

In addition, during the recording, 40 young musicians took part in two educational workshops on personal budget management and biohacking.

Santander Orchestra also established cooperation with Anna Hnatowicz, participant of the 2021 edition of „The Voice of Poland”. The result was the recording of the Christmas song „Jingle Bells”.

Music videos of songs recorded in 2021:

Szymon Komasa & Vito Bambino, Santander Orchestra – Jeżeli kochać, to nie indywidualnie

Szymon Komasa & Joanna Kulig, Aleksander Dębicz – Piosenka jest dobra na wszystko

Santander Orchestra & Anna Hnatowicz – Jingle Bells