Health and safety at work

  • GRI:
  • Hazard identification, risk assessment and incident investigation403-2
    Hazard identification, risk assessment and incident investigation
  • Health promotion403-6
    Health promotion
  • ESG:
  • Our approach to Social ResponsibilityS – Social
    Our approach to Social Responsibility
  • GPW:
  • Occupational health and safetyS-S1
    Occupational health and safety

We make the utmost effort to provide our employees with a safe and comfortable workplace. We have Social Labour Inspectors and an Occupational Health and Safety Committee, all necessary information is available on the intranet and employees receive regular training. In addition, in 2021, we conducted health and safety audits at 260 branch locations, as a result of which we developed recommendations to further improve safety and comfort at work.

COVID-19 pandemic

Our activities in 2021 were mainly focused on ensuring the safety and health of employees in terms of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. To this end we:

  • monitored the current epidemiological situation within and outside the organisation, reacted to changes in legislation and adapted activities to legal requirements;
  • coordinated activities related to reported quarantines, isolations and other situations related to COVID-19;
  • held crisis management team meetings in units where a case of COVID-19 infection was confirmed in an employee working in the office;
  • offered diagnostic tests to employees exposed to coronavirus (3702 tests performed 2021);
  • introduced the possibility of consulting a psychologist;
  • negotiated a discount on COVID-19 tests for employees and their families and provided the opportunity to obtain the test certificate in English;
  • organised a campaign of vaccination against COVID-19 for employees and their families.

Health and well-being

In the area of Wellbeing & Mental Health, which is based on 4 pillars (physical health, mental health, successful relationships and financial education), we ran regular events, with each month dedicated to a different topic. Additionally, for the sake of the health of our employees and their families, we:

  • offered medical care for children regardless of their age (until now, children up to 25 years of age could be enrolled in the medical care package);
  • arranged mammography tests in selected locations;
  • conducted a vaccination campaign for influenza and tick-borne encephalitis;
  • organised online physical exercise sessions with physiotherapists and personal trainers.

Occupational health and safety in numbers

Work accidents (incidents) by gender in 2021

Number of fatalities
all employees 0
Number of lost-time accidents – all employees 25
women 21
men 4
Number of days lost (loss of working time) due to work accidents 845
women 804
men 41

For more figures related to OSH, see ESG performance in the Social performance area.