Management approach

Relations with employees

Our HR strategy focuses on:

  • building an employee-oriented organisational culture,

  • improving the employee experience through organisational culture modelling,

  • ensuring employee well-being,

  • digitising processes and providing a flexible working environment.

Customer relations

We are pursuing a strategic direction of "Customer Obsession", which means that every initiative and decision taken in relation to achieving the Bank's objectives takes into account the quality and strength of the relationship with the customer.

Customer experience is a key success factor and a key competitive advantage, especially in the banking sector where regulation and technology drive high comparability of services. With profound changes in the market due to pandemic period innovations and fintech solutions, customers are comparing experiences across industries and their expectations are constantly rising.

Our response:

  • Simplicity, effortlessness and self-service are the hallmarks of our services and products;
  • Building a good relationship with a dedicated advisor for business clients;
  • implementation of innovative solutions.

Relations with communities

In its relationship with communities, the bank supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

The bank is committed to long-term social projects that respond to the needs of local communities and bring about positive change in society.