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Santander Bank Polska – Bank As You Want It

Bank As You Want It is our promise to build the best bank for our customers. Bank As You Want It is a bank which is:

  • Simple

    Our products and services are tailored to customers’ needs and expectations and based on easy-to-understand and uncomplicated solutions

  • Fair

    Our employees treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves. Banking business is conducted with a due care in a transparent  and compliant manner

  • Personal

    We build lasting relationships with customers. Customers are provided with tailored products and personalized services

Bank As You Want It is a responsible bank. Bank As You Want It:
Treats me responsibly
In our day-to-day business, we ensure that we do not simply meet our legal and regulatory requirements, but we exceed people’s expectations by being Simple, Personal and Fair in all we do.
Acts responsibly in the interest of the whole society.
We focus on areas where, as a Group, our activity can have a major impact on helping people and businesses prosper.