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Green buildings

New office building of Santander Bank Polska in Wrocław

At 11 Robotnicza Street in Wrocław, a modern, environment-friendly building was raised by Santander Bank Polska. Employees from the bank’s five different locations in Wrocław moved into the building in 2018. More information about the investment and the ecological solutions implemented in the building can be found in the last year’s report.

In June 2018, the building received the LEED Gold certificate and a title of  the most technologically advanced office building  in 2018.

Certified offices and branches

  • Since 2018, nearly half of our employees have been working in buildings with environmental certificates.

Thirty-one branches of the bank were modernized in 2018. The modernization investments not only improve our relationships with customers and the comfort of work, but also are beneficial for the environment. The materials used for interior decoration do not contain hazardous volatile substances and all wooden components have the FSC certificate evidencing the legal origin of the wood. Each branch is supplied with new, inverter AC units which automatically adjust their performance to the current needs while optimizing the consumption of energy and indoor lighting based exclusively on LED technology. We also use ventilation and recuperation systems which help us recover heat in the buildings, supply clean air to customers and employees and generate savings on heating costs.