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Santander Bank Polska Foundation

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• Establishment of the „Help the People” Foundation of Bank Zachodni S.A. For many years, the main beneficiaries of our assistance have been children from poor families who have received grants from the Foundation’s biggest program called the Bank of Children’s Smiles (since 2004 ).
• Along with the new mission of our Foundation the second grant program was established: the Bank of Ambitious Youth
• Since 2010, the Foundation has coordinated corporate volunteering initiatives in the bank.
• We launched another grant program: Bank of Young Sports Champions in order to promote sports activity and a healthy lifestyle among children and youth
• The Foundation’s action plan was supplemented to include the Scholarship Program.

Grant programs of Santander Bank Polska Foundation:

  • Bank of Childrens’ Smiles – a program established in 2004 to invest in the education, care and development of children from poor and dysfunctional families.


  • Bank of Young Sports Champions – a program through which the Foundation encourages non-profit organizations working with children and young people to organize sports competitions and training events during which each participant can demonstrate their sports achievements.

  • Bank of Ambitious Youth – a program intended to raise the awareness of young people  that their future and the future of their local community depends on education, entrepreneurship, activity and social attitudes.

  • Here I Live, Here I Make Changes – a grant program focusing on the implementation of changes in the neighbourhood. The Santander Bank Polska Foundation calls for submission of ideas for projects which can improve the quality of life, the functioning of local communities and their integration through joint implementation of shared ideas.

Here I Live, Here I Make Changes in 2018:

  • 774

    involved organizations from all over Poland

  • 121

    supported projects

  • 800,000


    total value of  awarded financing

  • 280,128


Grant programs in 2018:

  • 251

    organizations supported

  • 296,123

    direct beneficiaries

  • 1,650,000

    spent on all four programs.

Scholarship program

In 2018, Santander Bank Polska Foundation for the first time launched the Scholarship Program. The financial support is intended  for outstanding students of primary, junior and high schools. The awarded money should help students from all over Poland develop their talents, get the best education  available and be able to study in the best academic centres in the world.

The Foundation has selected 24 most talented candidates from different categories and from all regions of Poland. Each of them received annual financial support of PLN 5,000. The total value of the grant is PLN 60 342.

The Santander Bank Polska Foundation received a distinction for its Scholarship Program in the category ”The Social Dimension of Banking” from website.


In 2018, Santander Bank Polska and Santander Bank Polska Foundation offered a joint support to an NGO engaged in the activities contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through the #WeHaveCommonGoals competition. Interested organizations were invited to submit their own projects linked to one of the SDGs supported by Santander Bank Polska. In the second stage of the competition, Internet users voted for one of the two selected initiatives. The award for the winner was a grant of PLN 30,000  for the implementation of the submitted project funded by the Santander Bank Polska Foundation.

Did you know…?
  • Social projects and initiatives from the area of education launched or supported in 2018 by the bank and the Foundation had 131,080 beneficiaries*
  • The number of beneficiaries of the Here I Live, Here I Make Changes project in 2018 exceeded 280,000 persons.
  • The Bank of Children’s Smiles was the first grant program of the Santander Foundation launched 15 years ago.
  • In 2018, the Santander Bank Polska Foundation spent nearly PLN 1,650,000 on financing its grant programs.