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Policies and Procedures

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

The Corporate Governance model of Santander Bank Polska S.A. is consistent with the laws in force, (in particular including the Commercial Companies Code, the Banking Law and the capital market regulations) and the recommendations laid down in the “Code of Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies” and the “Principles of Corporate Governance for Supervised Institutions” .

Our internal policies and procedures help us manage the bank and the money of our customers in an effective and safe way. They regulate all aspects of our operations. Many of them refer to CSR and sustainable development, how we understand the terms and how we manage them in the bank. The high-level document in this area is the Sustainability Policy of Santander Bank Polska (CSR) which is supplemented by a number of policies covering specific activity areas of our bank:

Sector policies:

  • Defence Sector Policy,
  • Energy Sector Policy,
  • Soft Commodities Sector Policy,
  • Mining and Metals Sector Policy – NEW

Social and Environmental Policies:

  • Sustainability Policy
  • Climate Change Policy,
  • Human Rights Policy.

Sustainability Policy