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Bank customers and the products offered

It is our ambition to be a friendly bank, focused on our customers and caring for our employees. We do our best to minimize the negative impact on the environment and make a positive contribution to the society.

Customers are always in the centre of our attention and activity. We talk to them as we believe that a continuous dialogue is a key to success on the banking market. We focus on customer satisfaction and trust which are the foundations of loyalty. Therefore, we keep changing for the better. In order to improve our way of work and respond more quickly to customers’ needs we have implemented the Agile culture.

  • [Custom indicator 8] Information about key products, including new products launched during the reporting period Information about key products, including new products launched during the reporting period

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  • [Custom indicator 9] Products and initiatives addressed to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Products and initiatives addressed to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

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Retail customers


Products offered to customers:

  • personal and savings accounts
  • cash and home loans
  • payment cards
  • deposits and investments
  • insurance

SME customers

SMEs from all over Poland representing all sectors except for the ones which  are excluded under the compliance policy *.

Products offered to customers:

  • business accounts
  • loans, including working capital loans and investment loans
  • preferential loans offered in partnership with the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture,
  • guarantees,
  • leasing and factoring
  • financing start-ups (Santander Leasing)
  • deposits and investment products,
  • comprehensive trade finance services
  • treasury products
  • special offer for selected sectors e.g. agriculture

* For instance for reasons of financing terrorism, suspicion of money laundering or weapons trading).

Business and Corporate Banking Customers

Companies and corporations with a turnover value  from PLN 8m to PLN 1.2bn

Products offered to customers:

  • loans,
  • deposits,
  • transactional banking,
  • treasury products,
  • lease products
  • factoring products
  • capital market products,
  • tailor-made solutions

Corporate and Investment Banking Customers

Largest corporate and institutional customers and corporations served by the international units of Santander’s Corporate and Investment Banking.

Products offered to customers:

  • a full range of products and services, including:
  • transactional services,
  • short-, medium- and long-term financing,
  • guarantees,
  • mergers and acquisitions, liquidity management and custody services.

Major projects and innovations in 2018:

Retail customers

In 2018, thinking of its retail customers, Santander Bank Polska continued to launch new products delivering the You Bank As You Want It brand promise. For instance, we implemented  a tool for early overdue payments monitoring i.e. CCS (Customer Communication Services), a self-service platform available on a 24/7 basis. New forms of mobile payments were also introduced , such as Apple Pay or Fitbit Pay. As a result, our bank currently offers the widest range of mobile payment solutions on the market. In 2018, we further developed  the Account As I Want It launched in 2017. At present, customers can customise the account to match their needs via online and mobile banking platforms. They can also benefit from a new functionality of the account – the Multi-Currency Package.

The Multi-Currency Packge offers:

  • no bank fees for cash withdrawal from ATMs abroad. Customers do not have to hold FX accounts in order to use the service;

  • a possibility to link a card with EUR, USD and GBP accounts. In the case of cash withdrawal or payment in EUR, USD or GBP we will not charge an FX conversion fee when the card is linked to an account denominated in the transaction currency and sufficient funds are available.

In 2018,  we introduced the most awaited change regarding instant money transfers: now all transfers from the Account As I Want It are free. We are the only bank on the market charging no fee for instant money transfers which is a great distinctive feature of our product. Customers have appreciated this innovation and as many as 1.5 million are already holders of the Account As I Want It.

  • [Custom indicator 9] Products and initiatives addressed to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) Products and initiatives addressed to Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)

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SME customers

In 2018, we launched a number of solutions for customers from the SME sector making the daily operation of their businesses much easier:

  • New solutions for social security payments to ZUS in accordance with the Act of 11 May 2017 on the new method of paying social security premiums by  payers. The customer makes only one payment to his/her individual social security account which has replaced the three or four accounts used previously for different types of premiums. In order to implement this improvement, the bank had to coordinate 15 different systems to ensure consistency of data  in all of them.
  • The split payment mechanism introduced on 1 July 2018  consists in the breakdown of invoice payments in PLN into the net amount  which is transferred to the supplier’s settlement account and the VAT amount posted to the VAT account. The customer still makes one money transfer indicating two amounts: the gross invoice value and the Value Added Tax. The money accumulated on the VAT account belongs to the customer but can only be used for restricted purposes i.e. payment of the VAT to the tax office or payment of VAT on the invoice issued by his/her supplier.
  • Easier execution of mass payments via the Host2Host channel through which customers can make a large number of payments to target banks directly from their own payment systems, without having  to use the bank’s system.
  • e-Księgowość – an e-accounting service for sole traders developed in collaboration with inFakt which can be accessed from the bank’s online and mobile applications. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the invoicing and bookkeeping applications and ready-made invoice templates available for use. From Monday to Saturday between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. business owners can consult an experienced accountant to find answers to their questions.
  • A new remote service channel was launched to facilitate customer service and acquisition called the ”Remote SME Advisor”. With this solution customers can easily access their bank advisors at any time and from any place
  • A new model of offering Santander investment funds has been made available with a fund service platform accessible from Santander online.
  • POS Terminals. On 15 February 2018, the bank, in partnership with Elavon Services, launched the sale of free-of-charge POS payment terminals under the Cashless Poland program. The goal of the program is to promote cashless payments among customers and make them as accessible as cash payment by supporting the development of a network of cashless transaction authorisation in Poland. The special offer is addressed to merchants who did not accept cashless payments in the last 12 months. In addition to the tailored proposal and a free of charge rent of the POS terminal, the offer includes free access to iMerchantConnect tool which helps to monitor sales and provides quick online access to invoices, detailed reports and transaction statements.

We have launched the Działalność.pl website which guides first-time entrepreneurs, step by step, through the process of setting up a company without having to leave home. You can find on the website all required forms, a tool supporting the process of starting a company and a vast repository of information and knowledge, including videos, webinars and interviews. In the course of the process, the entrepreneur is coached by an experienced accountant and, additionally, can use the best e-accounting application on the market (eKsięgowość) and other settlement tools.

Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Program facilitating access to attractive investment financing for new or existing businesses run by women. In addition to financing for a symbolic one zloty in the first year, customers can also take advantage of the Office Assistance insurance covering different emergency situations in the office (fire, flood, broken windows, etc.), burglary or a failure of office and IT equipment. Santander Leasing received for this purpose a loan from the International Financial Corporation worth USD 150 million. The money is intended to facilitate access of businesses run by women and of small companies from less developed regions of Poland to financing for their investments.

Biznesmax loans in support of the development of innovative companies

In 2018, our bank launched a loan with a Biznesmax guarantee under an agreement with BGK. The product is dedicated for customers who meet the SME criteria according to the EU definition  and its main advantages include: reimbursement of interest by the BGK for the first 3 years of the loan tenor and a free of charge guarantee issued by BGK covering up to 80% of the loan value. Additionally, the bank provides the following support to companies interested in the loan:

  • completing a review form which helps the customer and the bank employee carry out a quick preliminary check of eligibility for participating in the program,
  • direct contact of the product manager with the customer during which the customer will receive detailed information about the product and support in preparing documents required to obtain the loan,
  • verification of the correctness of all documents filed by the customer with the criteria of the BGK’s program by the product manager,
  • conducting a widescale training program for advisors to promote Biznesmax loans.

According to information obtained from BGK at the end of 2018, Santander Bank Polska accounts for 40% of the total volume and 30% of the total number of all Biznesmax loans sanctioned.

Business and Corporate Banking customers

In 2018 the structure of the division changed. Currently, the division provides services to companies and corporations with a turnover value between PLN 8m and PLN 1.2bn and operates through 18 Business and Corporate Banking Centres located in the major economic centres of Poland and a number of specialist units supporting the business with the knowledge about deal structuring, loan disbursement and development of the product offer.

  • Introduction of a new dedicated form for social security (ZUS) payment transactions;
  • Launch of split payments;
  • Adding the option of transaction cloning;
  • Introduction of new payment card functionalities (transaction history and transaction history blocks, display of daily and monthly card limits and the options to change the card status, activate payments abroad or change the PIN code);
  • A possibility to add another account to the Quick Overview option.
  • Safe update of ID card details. In the new version, ID card details must be updated. A user whose ID card is about to expire will receive a reminder about the need to update the data right after logging on to the system. The user will be able to update his/her ID card details in the dedicated tab.
  • Safe and convenient login. When logging on to the system, the user chooses a preferred authorisation tool for iBiznes24 internet (PKI processor card, a token or smsCode);
  • eWnioski. In the e-Applications module enhancements were introduced  to expedite the processing of applications.  As a result of changes in the applications module for business and corporate customers, new operations have become possible: opening a current account upon ordering a debit or charge card, ordering a debit card for a user designated upon opening an account and changing all specific card limits with one signature;

Santander Bank Polska, in partnership with Santander Group, has prepared a proposal for importers and exporters based on a unique platform facilitating international expansion of customers. The user-friendly, easily navigable website offers comprehensive data and information about trade exchange with 185 countries – the main export and import directions worldwide. Additionally, the website contains:

  • over 25,000 reports  describing in detail interesting target sectors for international trade,
  • databases of importers and exporters from selected industries
  • more than one million proposals and tenders from all over the world, and
  • up-to-date information about 40,000 trade fairs and exhibitions in various countries.

The website also includes information about foreign trade rules and regulations in force in different countries, including specific terms and conditions applicable to selected markets or sectors which should be taken into consideration before engaging in a trade exchange.

Santander Network

gives Santander Group’s customers an opportunity to order services in selected countries and selected areas of interest. The bank’s customer who wants to start operating in one of the countries where Santander Group is present can benefit from local support, legal advice or rent office space through a network of local service providers.

Export Development Program

In 2018, Santander Bank Polska continued to implement the Export Development Program supporting customers in international expansion. The goal of the Export Development Program  is to educate companies about the benefits associated with international expansion of business and demonstrate specific solutions facilitating the development of foreign trade relations. The program draws on Santander Group’s strength and widespread geographic presence, as well as tools and international solutions  offered within the Group (Santander Trade website, Santander Trade Club, Trade Club Alliance, Santander Network and the services of the International Banking Offices). It is operated jointly with our partners: embassies, business and trade chambers and government agencies. The joint offer of the program partners covers  areas of particular interest for companies  looking for opportunities to enter foreign markets or planning expansion of their international presence.

In 2018, in the 7th and 8th edition of the program our partners included PAIH, DIT Carter Lemon Camerons, EBS, Hutchinson Ports, Mexico’s Embassy to Poland and AHK. The media partner for the program was ”Rzeczpospolita” daily and industry periodicals. In 2018, we focused on strategic sectors, trade corridors  and markets perceived as strategic, such as Germany, UK, Spain, Latin America and China. The major component of the most recent edition of the EDP were the incoming, outgoing and virtual trade missions (in the form of webinars and video conferences) to selected countries which on many occasions were dedicated to selected sectors of the Polish economy.

  • Incoming trade mission of Spanish fruit and vegetable importers. It was the first incoming trade mission organised in cooperation with the Asomafrut association gathering Spanish importers and exporter of fruit and vegetables. During the events we organised 35 B2B meetings and five visits to fruit and vegetable processing plants.
  • Incoming trade mission – aviation sector. The mission organised in cooperation with Santander UK, Aviation Valley, Midlands Aerospace Alliance and Altios International was held in Rzeszów and was attended by 10 UK companies and 11 companies from Poland. During the event 80 B2B meetings and four visits to Pratt&Whitney, Bodycote, Aero Gearbox International and Poeton sites took place. The participants learned about the potential of the aviation sector in Poland and about investment opportunities in our country and were presented with the case study of  Poeton, a company which invested in Poland recently.
  • Automechanika Birmingham. An outgoing trade mission to the Automechanika Birmingham trade exhibition was organized in partnership with Santander UK and SMMT. We took on the mission five companies from Poland which had a chance to meet with the representatives of Toyota and Jaguar. The key part of the event were B2B meetings organized for Polish companies, including a meeting for our customer from Wrocław with Jaguar/Land Rover. Additionally, during the event we visited Polish companies present at the fair. The purpose of the meetings was to promote the non-financial offer of the bank, such as the Export Development Program and Santander Trade Portal.
  • Breakfast Sessions with the UK. Breakfast sessions to discuss Brexit were held in Warsaw, Katowice and Gdańsk in collaboration with Santander UK, EBS and Hutchinson Ports. The goal was to provide the most recent information about Brexit  and about the terms of doing business in the UK and to present alternative routes of transport for exported goods after Brexit. Altogether, the three sessions were attended by close to 60 companies.
  • Incoming trade mission for the meat processing sector. The mission organized in partnership with Santander UK was held in Warsaw and was attended by five Spanish  meat importers who took part in B2B with 12 Polish companies. During the event, the participants had a chance to visit three selected slaughterhouses in Poland.
  • China International Import Expo. The event was organized in cooperation with PAIH, Altios International and Bank of Shanghai/Santander Asia. The mission included a visit to the China International Import Expo, the first event of this kind in China attended by companies from all over the world. As part of the event, we organized a networking session including B2B meetings of a few dozens of Polish exporters with several Chinese importers.

Corporate and Investment Banking customers

2018 also saw changes in the products and services dedicated to corporate and institutional customers. The bank enhanced its proposal for institutional clients  – including other banks –  in respect of the issuance of credit cards and processing payments. We also improved our offer of bank transaction processing on the ‘white label’ basis.

A number of innovations were introduced, including:

  • Santander Cash Nexus – we launched a simple and fast communication system for multinational companies encompassing a full range of transactional solutions for different countries based on direct electronic communication.
  • Santander Kantor – thanks to continuous upgrading of the online FX service, the number  of active customers in December 2018 was 15% higher than in December 2017.
  • A service for ordering and clearing bank operations on behalf and for the account of customers of other banks. We launched a service and offered dedicated accounts (including VAT accounts) for customers in Poland using the services of one of the biggest US financial institution.
  • SCIB Debt Advisory – we offered an advisory service to assist customers in finding the optimum financing structure, help them with the logistics of acquiring debt financing and offer comprehensive support throughout the rating process and in communication with rating agencies.
  • At the beginning of April 2018, Santander Bank Polska was the first bank in Poland to implement in its systems the processing of the MT103 message (international wire transfers) according to the SWIFT gpi standard. Since  that day, all international payments denominated in PLN, USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, DKK, NOK, SEK, CZK, JPY, CAD, AUD, HUF, CNY, RON, TRY and RUB of our customers, regardless of the channel of filing the transfer instruction, have been executed in accordance with the SWIFT gpi standard. This means a faster and more reliable execution of transfers and a possibility to trace each international payment from the moment it is sent to SWIFT until the posting of the amount on the account in the beneficiary’s bank.

  • In 2018, the Corporate and Investment Banking of Santander Bank Polska became a member of the Continental Europe Corporate and Investment Banking (SCIB Continental Europe), joining France, Germany and Italy. The goal of SCIB Continental Europe is to generate and benefit from synergies.

  • At the beginning of 2019, Santander Bank Polska implemented a gpi Stop and Recall Payment (gSRP) functionality. The tool is used to recall an international payment in the course of its execution or even after it has been posted on the beneficiary’s account in a foreign bank. This means that business and retail customers can stop the execution of a cross-border payment at any stage. The functionality is particularly useful in the case of mistakes, frauds, duplicated payments or other adverse events such as a hacker attack on the customer’s systems.