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Cybersecurity education

In 2019, the bank, acting in partnership with the Santander Bank Polska Foundation, supported the ”Security in Cyberspace” project, an educational campaign organised as part of the sector program ”Bankers for the Education” by the Polish Bank Association and the Warsaw Banking Institute. The goal of the project was to promote knowledge of the rules of cybersecurity, electronic economy and electronic payments.

The campaign involved publication of videos on cybersecurity, safe use of electronic banking and online stores. The videos were positioned on websites of the major national and regional dailies in Poland. They were also used for the purpose of lessons and lectures in schools and universities all over Poland.

Other educational videos produced in 2018 reached 350,000 schoolchildren, college students and seniors and were used in 9,000  lessons,  lectures and meetings held in 2,500 schools, 120 colleges and 150 third-age universities by nearly 2,000 teachers from all over Poland and 1,000 trained volunteers form the bank.


educational videos reached schoolchildren, college students and seniors

Did you know …?
  • Every 4 seconds, on average, new malware is released worldwide.1
  • Every second, 18 persons around the world fall victims of cyberattacks.2
  • Every day, 16 attempts of cyberattacks, on average, occur in Poland, with a total daily value of PLN 1.3 million.2

1 „Cyberbezpieczeństwo w Polsce: Ochrona urządzeń końcowych przed cyberatakami”, Związek Cyfrowa Polska, 

Ensuring maximum safety to customers is a responsible mission. In order to accomplish the task, we have internal cybersecurity procedures  and appropriate tools automating actions and minimizing our response time to incidents. We monitor the potential threats in the network on an ongoing basis. We try not only to warn but also educate our customers through targeted preventive measures and campaigns. We work closely with other banks, exchange information about potential cyberthreats make a good use of the knowledge available within Santander Group. Thanks to such a comprehensive approach, we can effectively predict cyberthreats, prepare the bank and customers for them and in the event of materialization of risks respond properly.

Piotr Józefczyk, Threat Intelligence and Response Team Manager, CyberSecurity Department, Santander Bank Polska

Our plans for 2019:

  • Continued development and upgrading of the prevention area –implementing cutting-edge solutions to prevent all kinds of threats and expanding the scope of exchange of information  about such threats.

  • Further development of mechanisms to analyse threats.


  • Development of the IT systems security team.


  • Expansion of the quick-response teams in charge of management of incidents and the security of IT systems.