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Green initiatives

The more people, the bigger the forest

Customers of the bank are also engaged in environmental campaigns. For instance, customers were encouraged to switch to electronic banking channels in return for tress which would be planted by the bank. On 20 April, 2018 the bank’s employees supported by volunteers planted 6,000 trees on the grounds of Ojcowski National Park. According to estimations, natural renewal of the forest of a comparable scale would take from 80-120 years. The campaign was inspired and executed by the bank’s employees, in partnership with the Aeris Futuro Foundation and the Management of Ojcowski National Park.


planted by volunteers

Pact for Sustainable Management of Plastics

  • The bank, as the only representative of the banking sector, joined the Pact for Sustainable Management of Plastics. In partnership with the biggest organizations, manufacturers of consumer goods and retail chains, the organization will create a roadmap of transition to the model of sustainable management of plastics in Poland.

Green Ribbon # ForThePlanet

  • In May 2019, Santander Bank Polska became a strategic partner of the Green Ribbon #For ThePlanet, project organized by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw which implements in Poland the United Nation’s Environment Agenda. The bank is engaged in the campaign for the second straight year and in 2018 became its partner.

The campaign started on the World Environment Day, on 5 June and will go on until the end of 2019. The main theme of the campaign is #BeatAirPollution. The purpose of the United Nations Environment Agenda is to raise the public awareness of the air pollution issue. One of the elements of the campaign implemented in Poland was the possibility of making ECO-commitments i.e. proposals of simple small actions which can be taken in order to reduce the negative environmental impact.

On 5 June 2019, Santander Bank Polska handed out green ribbons in the head office and in selected branches, encouraging its employees to make their own EKO-commitments. Additionally, the bank decided that as of June 2019, all marketing materials of the bank would be printed on ecological, 100% recycled paper with the FSC certificate.

In connection with the launch of the Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet campaign, branch staff additionally promoted transition to electronic channels of contact (ECC) among customers.  Thanks to ECC, customers can receive information about products and services, schedules of fees and charges and credit card statements  to their mailboxes in electronic banking services, instead of traditional letters. Between 5 and 7 June, 3,140 customers decided to switch to ECC .

On 5 June, 2019 in the Ministry of Environment, a debate  was held entitled ”For Cleaner Air and Better Climate”. The bank was represented by Lech Gałkowski, Director of the Investment Banking Department.

ECO-commitments can be submitted and registered at

Hour for the Earth

  • In 2019, Santander Bank Polska in Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław joined the Hour for the Earth campaign, a global environmental initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The participants (companies, governments and organizations all over the world ) are encouraged to switch off the lights for one, symbolic hour in order to manifest in this way their commitment to protecting the natural environment.

Our plans for 2019:

  • Gradual certification of head office buildings according to ISO14001:2015 standard in the coming years.

  • Replacement of company cars with more ecological vehicles based on the hybrid technology in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 1,800 tonnes that is by as much as 31%. Hybrid cars use 30 to 40% less fuel than comparable cars with petrol engines;

  • Implementation of the ”no plastic strategy” – gradual elimination of single use plastics, first from the head office and subsequently also from all branches.

  • Purchase of 100% of energy from renewable sources – as of 1 January 2020, energy purchased by the bank directly from suppliers will come exclusively from renewable energy sources.

Did you know…?
  • 5 June is the World Environment Day.
  • 100% of neon signs on the bank’s buildings are LED-powered.
  • In 2018, thanks to our customers we planted 8,000 trees.