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Our business strategy

The strategy of our bank and its Group for 2019-2021 is a continuation of the development directions pursued to date and is based on the same values and assumptions. The Group’s mission, vision and values have not changed for many years:


To help people and businesses prosper


To be the best retail and commercial bank that earns the lasting loyalty of its employees, customers, shareholders and communities


Simple | Personal | Fair

As part of its strategic vision, Santander Bank Polska intends to:

  • Become a leading bank in terms of service quality, focusing on customer needs and expectations;
  • Build long-term relationships with customers based on trust, loyalty and enhanced customer experience;
  • Anticipate and respond to customers’ needs with tailored products, services and solutions;
  • Modernise banking services through digital transformation, including end-to-end processes and change the operating model to a more effective and less capital-intensive one;
  • Increase the number of digital customers;
  • Increase its share in the key market segments and expand its business model through both organic and inorganic growth;
  • Grow faster than peers;
  • Create an engaging work environment through collaboration, communication and bottom-up initiatives raised in all the bank’s units;
  • Enhance effectiveness and streamline internal processes in line with the Agile methodology;
  • Combine the maximisation of shareholder value with the commitment to the growth of local communities.

The above assumptions are reflected in the Group’s strategic goal for 2019–2021, which is to:

Achieve the leadership position in the financial services market owing to:

  • customer-centric and digital services in line with the Simple| Personal| Fair values

  • earning the lasting loyalty of employees, customers, shareholders and communities.

The strategy of Santander Bank Polska promotes:

  • a customer-centric approach to business management,

  • continuous improvement of service quality and product range through digitalisation, increase in operational efficiency, innovative and simple solutions and transparency.

There is also a strong focus on corporate culture which drives up engagement and motivation of employees and social responsibility of the organization.

The overall goal has been divided into a number of specific objectives for 2019–2021 related to the key stakeholder groups: employees, customers, communities and shareholders. The key performance indicators have been defined for each of the above areas to facilitate the assessment of progress in delivery of the strategy.

People Customers
create a great workplace with highly engaged and qualified people improve our customers’ experience – delight our customers simplify products and processes
have a strong internal culture
SIMPLE|PERSONAL|FAIR be the Bank As You Want It build an Open Banking Platform
transform the way of working focusing on simplicity and agility digitalize customer journeys remain a secure and stable bank increase activity per loyal customer
a bank that strives to be
helping people and businesses prosper

develop cooperation within Santander Universidades fulfil Legal & Regulatory requirements optimize capital
be recognized as a local community bank foster prudent risk management culture increase revenues

Communities optimize costs


More information on how our business strategy impacts our Responsible Banking strategy can be found here.