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Green investments

Thanks to the cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Santander Leasing received EUR 50 million for the financing of Polish enterprises modernisation in such areas as energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste management water management and other environmental projects. The money obtained from the Polish Green Economy Financing Facility for Leasing (”Poland GEFF Leasing”) was allocated to financing ecological projects. All investments funded under the program have to meet the criteria of transition to green economy defined by EBRD. The money can be used, for instance, to buy new forklift trucks, tractors, harvesters or injection moulding machines which will replace older and less ecological models. Leases under the program are available only for private companies.

In 2018, Santander Bank Polska acquired PLN 2.1bn from the European Investment Bank (EBI) to support environment-friendly projects. The additional funding was spent on  financing development investments in the SME segment on more favourable terms. All the financed investments will have a positive impact on the climate.