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Corporate culture

Santander Bank Polska has built an outstanding corporate culture which strengthens the engagement and motivates employees. The culture is consistent with the bank’s business strategy and its fundamental values are set out in the General Code of Conduct.

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Our workplace goals are based on our values and business strategy:

  • We want to create an engaging workplace for our employees.

  • Our corporate culture is founded on three values: Simple, Personal, Fair.

  • We focus on cooperation, dialogue, bottom-up initiatives, respect for diversity and care for the natural environment.

Standard behaviours promoted by Santander Bank Polska

  • Cooperate actively

  • Support others

  • Speak openly

  • Listen attentively

  • Show respect

  • Keep promises

  • Be part of change

  • Work with passion

In view of changes occurring in our organization, we keep strengthening our corporate culture all the time. Cultural transformation is perceived as a key to success of the changes implemented in our bank

Cultural transformation

Our cultural transformation includes:

  • enhancement of leadership competences and development of employees and teams,
  • achievement of strategic goals and daily tasks in keeping up with the Simple, Personal, Fair values,
  • driving up employee engagement and creating the bank’s image as the top employer on the market, and
  • implementation of the Agile values.

The cultural transformation activities will go on until 2020. More information about the transformation can be found in last year’s CSR report.

Milestone achievements of the cultural transformation in 2018:

  • Alignment of the bank’s way of work with the Agile methodology and transformation of the corporate culture to the Agile model (Agile campaign)

  • Internal branding – activities aimed at the bank’s employees to increase their pride from being a member of the global Santander Group.

  • Digitalization of HR processes – mapping and continuous improvement of the processes of recruitment, induction, development, training and termination of employment.

  • Implementation of strategic objectives and projects in accordance with the Simple, Personal, Fair values and the “Bank As You Want It” promise.

  • Launch of the Differently Abled project promoting employment of persons with disabilities.

  • Activities aimed at preparing former Deutsche Bank Polska employees for work in Santander Bank Polska.

Did you know…?
  • We employ more than 12,600 people in the bank and more than 15,000 people in the SBP Group.
  • The average duration of employment in our bank is close to 10.5 years.
  • The average age of our employees is around 39 years.

A responsible corporate culture is the foundation for the operation of present-day  organizations. In our modern, digital reality, it is the culture that determines innovativeness, readiness for change and openness to the need of the environment. Companies that want to succeed should persistently develop the necessary competences of their employees and identify and acquire talents. A well prepared team can build a competitive advantage in line with the organization’s values. Currently, a credible corporate culture with rock-solid foundations is a source of competitive advantage of companies.

Dorota Strojkowska, Management Board Member of Santander Bank Polska in charge of the Business Partnership Division.