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Santander Orchestra

Santander Orchestra is an educational project for young musicians which combines top-quality musical practice with additional classes often not available in traditional educational establishments.  Under the Santander Orchestra project, students and graduates of music schools can take part in workshops with world famous musicians and attend theory lectures in finance management, image building, public relations or social media.

The three main activity streams of Santander Orchestra in 2018 included:

  • Activity Stream 1
    Three symphonic concerts in Warsaw, Łódź and Poznań;

  • Activity Stream 2
    Santander Orchestra Academy – a cycle of seven workshops with world-famous musicians playing selected instruments;

  • Activity Stream 3

    Santander Orchestra music workshops for children aged 5 to 12, during which their predispositions for music were tested. Qualified experts checked the competences required when applying to musical schools, such as recognizing major and minor keys, remembering melodies, identifying the number of sounds played one after another and a number of sounds played at the same time.

    For many participants of the Santander Orchestra workshops, it was the first opportunity ever to take such a close look at keyboard instruments. The participation in the event served also as a practice before the stressful situation of entry exams to a music schools. While waiting for the test, children took part in rhythm classes and parents could listen to a lecture on the benefits of musical education delivered by outstanding experts.

Altogether, 241 persons took part in the Santander Orchestra workshops held in four cities of Poland (Gdańsk, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Konin and Kluczbork). On that occasion we managed to reach local communities where the project has not been implemented yet.

In March 2018,  we organized three concerts of the Santander Orchestra as part of the 22nd Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival (March 26 to 28, 2018) conducted by Lawrence Foster, Artistic Director of the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio in Katowice,  with the performance of one of the most talented Polish pianists of the young generation, Łukasz Krupiński. The concerts were held at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw, Adam Mickiewcz University Hall in Poznań and  Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź. The repertoire was associated with the celebrations of 100 years of Poland’s independence. The total audience of the three concerts was 2,541 people.