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Recruitment of employees for Santander Bank Polska is based on internal resources and the labour market.

We look for job candidates through:

  • internal recruitment,

  • the Recommendations Program,

  • external recruiters,

  • social media,

  • job trainings,

  • internships,

  • job fairs,

  • events organized by universities, science clubs or career offices.

The main criteria of candidate selection for the job include conformance with the job profile in terms of competences, experience, knowledge, motivation and personality and alignment with the corporate culture. All persons engaged in the recruitment process are obliged to respect the ethical principles laid down in the Labour Code and internal regulations and the provisions pertaining to confidentiality and non-discrimination.

Santander Bank Polska has in place clear and transparent recruitment rules set out in the “Recruitment process organization”. Thanks to internal recruitment, the bank’s employees have a priority in applying for a job vacancy in the bank. In this way we can offer  better development options to employees and support the building of their individual careers. The bank’s employees are also involved in the recruitment process  participating in the Employee Recommendations Program in which they can recommend candidates  for vacant jobs.

One of the tools supporting the recruitment process is the Program of Job Training and Internships in Santander Bank Polska operated in partnership with universities and colleges all over Poland hrough which young, talented and well educated persons are recruited.

Recruitment in 2018

In order to upgrade our recruitment process and make it as friendly to the candidate as possible, in 2018 we started using advanced tools and solutions. Job openings were advertised in social media  e.g. Linkedin and Facebook. Communication with candidates was facilitated by state-of-the-art. tools, such as the recruitment chatbot in Messenger and Waywer sending video messages with confirmation of the dates and times of recruitment appointments. The Differently Abled program was launched in order to promote employment of persons with disabilities.

Recruitment chatbot in Messenger

Our bank was the first one in Poland to launch recruitment on Messenger using a special chatbot to hold interviews in a natural language. The Emplobot used by Santander Bank Polska for recruitment on Messenger behaves like a personal employment consultant, communicating with candidates  24 hours a day and collecting information about  experience and requirements. During their conversation with the Emplobot candidates are requested to describe, among other things, their professional experience, skills and financial expectations. The candidate data remain anonymous until the meeting with the recruiter. Applications which do not fit the current job openings are saved and used for the purpose of future recruitments, in strict compliance with the GDPR.