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2018 was a year of changes for us

For Santander Bank Polska, 2018 was a year of major changes., including, the rebranding and acquisition of a demerged business of Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.

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Merger with a demerged business of DB Polska and rebranding

•14 December, 2017
•Transaction agreement signed with Deutsche Bank AG on the purchase of a demerged business of Deutsche Bank Polska S.A. and 100% shares of DB Securities S.A.
•7 September, 2018
• Change of the company’s name from BZ WBK S.A. to Santander Bank Polska S.A. entered in the National Coiurt Register
•As of 7 September, 2018
•A new logo was launched – the same as used by Santander in all countries where the Group is present.
•New names given to all subsidiaries and associates of the bank’s group which earlier used the „BZ WBK” acronym.
•Relocation of the bank;s registered head office from Wrocław to Warsaw (al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warsaw).
•9 November, 2018
•Registration of the increased share capital.
• Santander Bank Polska acquires retail banking, private banking, business banking (SMEs) andDB Securities S.A. (renamed to Santander Securities S.A.)*.
•9-11 November, 2018
•Operational integration process.

*The scope of the transaction did not cover Investment and Corporate Banking, Global Transactional Banking or the portfolio of mortgage-backed FX credit products which continue to be supported by Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.

Integration over one weekend

For the first time on the Polish banking market, the legal and operational integration and the rebranding of all branches was successfully completed over one weekend. The bank needed only 72 hours to migrate the data of nearly 400,000 customers and their products to the systems of  Santander Bank Polska  and change the signage of 113 branches. Over 1,900 persons from both organizations were involved in the merger project. Out of the 2,200 people who joined the bank, 1,700 were employees. Thanks to the transaction, Santander Bank Polska strengthened its position of one of the top financial institutions in Poland.

The integration process was executed in such a way as to ensure that the bank would be fully operational all the time and that customer service would not be affected. Customers of Deutsche Bank Polska acquired by Santander Bank Polska kept their account numbers and financial conditions unchanged. On the merger date, they gained full access to the bank’s products and services, including innovative internet and mobile banking solutions of Santander Bank Polska. Since the operational merger, the bank has been operating on the basis of a uniform business model, combining the elements of the demerged business model and the strong competencies of Deutsche Bank Polska in the area of private banking, services for high net worth customers, cooperation with external distribution channels and credit products dedicated to selected market segments.

The acquisition of a demerged business of Deutsche Bank Polska with a credit portfolio worth PLN 18.8bn and customer deposits worth PLN 13.0bn strengthened the market position of Santander Bank Polska, generating synergies, savings and diversification of the organization.

  • 18.8

    PLN bn

    credit portfolio

  • 13.0

    PLN bn

    customer deposits

Acquisition of the demerged business of Deutsche Bank Polska: main business and operational benefits:

  • extension of the range of products and services,
  • growth of the customer base and business volumes,
  • expansion of the sales network,
  • improvement of operational efficiency capitalizing on the potential of both banks, best practices of the acquiring bank and economies of scale
  • significant increase in value with a limited impact on capital rations.
Benefits for the acquired customers of
Deutsche Bank Polska
Benefits for the pre-merger customers of
Santander Bank Polska
Access to:

  • one of Poland’s largest network of branches
  • innovative sales channels wide and varied product and service offering
Access to:

  • broad range of private banking products
  • unparalleled network of financial agents, intermediaries and partners cooperating with the acquired bank


On 7 September 2018, Bank Zachodni WBK changed its name to Santander Bank Polska. The rebranding was a natural consequence of the bank’s development within the Santander Group. It was also an ideal occasion to enhance the bank’s market position and improve the communication of our progress and achievements in the implementation of the digital transformation. New solutions have occurred which will help customers manage their personal finances easier and more effectively and successfully grow their businesses.

Worth emphasizing is that Customers were not required to do anything in connection with rebranding. There was no need to sign any annexes as existing  agreements remained in full force and effect and bank account numbers, internet banking passwords and PIN codes did not change.

Plans for 2019:

  • development of the Private Banking offer,

  • making full use of the distribution model based on external channels formerly owned by Deutsche Bank Polska.

Rebranding in numbers:

  • 673

    branches and partner outlets with new signage

  • 1,730

    ATMs and CDMs with replaced screens and external branding

  • 29

    new card design images

  • 140

    updated IT systems

  • 1,837

    revised regulations and customer document templates

Full integration in 72 hours:

  • 1,900

    persons from both organizations involved in the merger process

  • 1,700

    new employees

  • 400,000

    nearly 400,000 migrated customers

  • 60


    of migrated data

Rebranding was for us a natural next step after eight years of membership in Santander Group. It was also part of the global project of revamping the Santander brand in all countries where the Group is present. We are working together to enhance the strong position of our brand and create innovative trends on the financial market. We have an ambition to become a global service and technology platform and compete effectively on a broadly understood market.

Artur Sikora, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Area, Santander Bank Polska