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We care for the wellbeing of our employees by offering them, among other things, a wide range of non-financial benefits and programs promoting heathy lifestyles.

Additional benefits

Our non-financial benefit package:

  • meets the needs of employees from different generation groups,

  • helps build an attractive and valuable workplace,

  • increases the employee’s and their families’ level of comfort and security,

  • encourages employees to lead a healthy lifestyle,

  • helps maintain a work-life balance.

  • [401-2] Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees

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All employees of our bank are entitled to additional benefits.

Additional employee benefits in Santander Bank Polska

  • A comprehensive medical service plan for employees and their families;
  • Group life insurance scheme;
  • Attractive terms of reimbursement of the cost of buying computer glasses (higher rate of reimbursement compared to other companies);
  • Multisport Card;
  • Financial assistance to learn foreign languages (English and Spanish);
  • Certification courses and financing of BA, MA, doctoral and postgraduate studies;
  • Reimbursement of the cost of nurseries, kindergartens and day care clubs and the cost of children’s day camps, summer and winter camps;
  • School starter kits;
  • ‘Rajd Bankowca” Trekking Event which allows employees and their families to travel around Poland and abroad
  • Non-repayable financial assistance to persons in difficult life, family or financial situations.
  • Sales and HR competitions with attractive prizes;
  • A cafeteria system ensuring access to many cultural, sports and leisure events and benefits;
  • Discounts (permanent and temporary) on products offered by the bank’s business partners.

Promotion of a healthy lifestyle

In 2018, the bank continued to promote health and healthy lifestyles among its employees, as it did in 2017.  One of the initiatives which focuses on employee health is the Health Bank programme. During the Health Bank Week, the Santander Week and the Autumn Health Bank Campaign, the employees were offered an opportunity to talk to physiotherapists, take advantage of ergonomics consultations in the office and get a bone density test. They also had a chance to work out with a personal fitness trainer (office exercise) and take part in a webinar devoted to the subject of stress and watch videos with examples of office exercise. The bank’s employees were also encouraged to compete with each other in the Bike Challenge.

The Health Bank programme belongs to the global BeHealthy program of Santander Group. The aim of this programme is to promote a healthy lifestyle and the concept of work-life balance. Under the programme, we carry out educational and motivational activities in a number of thematic areas, such as Eat Well, Be Active, Be Ergo and Take Care of Your Health. The program encompasses numerous educational and motivational events and pro-health campaigns launche don a daily basis and, additionally, during the Health Bank Week.

More information

Rajd Bankowca has been the biggest corporate recreational event organized by Santander Bank Polska for 25 years. Under this flagship event of our bank, employees and their families can visit different places in Poland and abroad. The program has a number of editions each year and all current and retired employees  with families are invited to take part. Every employee can participate in the Trekking Event on preferential terms once a year, benefiting from a subsidy from the additional benefit fund.

The event combines corporate integration, good fun and active family relaxation. It is designed to cater to the expectations and likes of any employee, offering both relaxation and active leisure. Employees can choose from a wide choice of routes and activities, including skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, horseback riding, hiking and sightseeing.  They explore attractive sites in Poland and neighbouring countries.

The main goals of the trekking event include:

  • promotion of the work-life balance concept,
  • integration through sports, tourism and recreation,
  • promotion of active leisure time,
  • raising the awareness of valuable natural and landscape features of Poland and other countries.

Rajd Bankowca Trekking Event in 2018

During the winter, summer and autumn editions of the event, our employees visited Wisła and the   Świętokrzyskie Province The most determined ones took part in two expeditions: a skiing and snowboarding trip to Val di Sole and a trekking event in Dachstein, Austria where over 4 days they covered the distance of 400 km. Altogether, the event attracted 1800 participants, of whom as many as 90% declared their intention to participate in the 2019 edition. According to a survey carried out among the 2018 participants, 91% would definitely recommend the event to other employees.